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Organize and complete a rough draft including:Beginning paragraph3 middle paragraphsending paragraphStudents went through 8 different checkers on the Prentice Hall site and applied the suggestions to their personal narrativeAnalyze the first 10 sentences of the personal narrative forBeginning wordsUse of transitionsVivid verbsDescriptive adjectivesSimple and complex sentencesPeer editing was completed with a writing buddyStudents will apply the 5 elements of a plot to the short storyStudents needed to read their chapter book and collect data to synthesize a judgment in the material just readStudents needed to use available data on the Dream Series books to select one to read for the book chatStudents read their chapter book and used the inference formula to make 2 inferences from the materials read What I Learned+What I Know+ InferenceStudents apply each of the elements of fiction to their book chat book 3 completed rough drafts showing progress from the 1st to the 3rde-rater grade on the personal narrativee-rater grade on the personal narrative

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Construct a graphic map
Respond to the impact of size, color, design, and the content of the text
Engage in close observation as they peruse the text for validating comparisons and contrasts
Stretch for their symbols synthesizing their impressions and ideas
Analyze and organize their ideas

Identify and apply the following in a personal narrative:
Action verbs
Linking verbs
Helping verbs

Narrowing down and completing the selection of a topic
Construct a writing outline
Construct a rough draft

Identifying and applying at least 4 sensory details in the personal narrative

Identifying and applying transitions to the personal narrative.

Writing a beginning, middle, and ending paragraphs that contain the requirements for these paragraphs in a personal narrative

Including a clincher/closing sentence in each paragraph of the personal narrative

Metacognitive Aspect of Creating a Sun-Mandala (map- making)

Students are to be comfortable with the physical aspects of using color, shape, and understand the relationship of what they draw to what they think, say, or write.

Journal writing
Rough draft of personal narrative

Specific topic
Quality and completion of a writing outline
Quality and construction of a rough draft

Completion of a sensory detail chart for their personal narrative
Personal narrative

Personal narrative rough draft

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Narrative Writing Guidelines for Sept. 20-October 7

This document provides the nuts and bolts for success with the narrative writing assignment.

Guidelines for the Narrative Writing Assignment

posted on: September 20, 2005


Complete each station of the carousel brainstorming experience,

Identify the 4 types of sentences used in a passage.
Write a passage using 4 types of sentences.

Common nouns
Proper nouns
Collective nouns
Compound nouns
Personal pronouns antecedents of pronouns
Demonstrative pronouns
Interrogative pronouns
Indefinite pronouns
Reworded a writing piece to include the above.
Created a free form map
Speculated how the use of each step in the writing process would improve writing

Developed strategies for using this story as a model for their narrative writing piece

Summary paragraph of the novel including the theme (message from the author to the reader).
Journal writing

Noun Quiz
Journal writing

Pronoun Quiz
Journal writing

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Guidelines for Narrative Writing Piece

Guidelines for Narrative Writing will explain to students each specific requirement of this assignment. Assessment pieces are included, as well.

posted on: August 30, 2005

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