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December 12, 2006

Mrs. Davis's class is continuing with studying chapter 3 (Rocks). Students have been learning about the different types of rocks through discover activities conducted in class and class discussions/instruction. Students need to begin to study for a test that will be given next week. Students are to complete the study guide for homework tonight.
Also, students need to begin to make sure that they have all of their assignments that should be in their notebooks.

Mineral crossword puzzle
Mineral video facts
2.1 Mineral Notes
3.1 Rock Notes
Discovery Channel Rock Video Notes
3.2 Igneous Notes
3.3 Sedimentary Notes
Bill Nye Rocks and Soil Video Notes.

Mr. Woolsey's class continues to study chapter 3(Rocks). Students watched a movie about rocks today and answered questions about the movie in class today. Students were given worksheets to be completed and turned in on Thursday.

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