Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years. Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years.
Week of 5/1-5/5 and IMPORTANT DATES

Students took their map test on Southern Africa. We concluded Ch.21 Western Africa an took the Chapter test on Thurs. and have a coloring activity to complete by Mon.(reprints of original African Art)We labeled their map of West Africa and the quiz on these countries will be this Tues. 5/9.
Important Dates:
1 West Africa Map Quiz 5/9 (no word bank, spelling counts)
2 Chapter 22 Test 5/15 (tentative date)
3 East and Equatorial Africa Map Quiz 5/16(no word bank,spelling counts)
4 Social Studies Final 5/19
5 Collect Books and assess any damage 5/19
6 African Continent Map Test 5/22 (word bank provided)
7 5/22 mini unit study on ancient Africa
School is not out yet and as you can see studying for Tests and Quizzes is still very important.

posted on: May 04, 2006

Practice Maps

Here are a few new online interactive map sites that could help you study:

posted on: May 01, 2006

Southern Africa Quiz 5/02


Only these countries will be on the quiz:

posted on: April 27, 2006

Preview of the open notes quiz for Thursday

Open Notes Quiz
Climate and Natural Resources pg.498- 501

1. What are the two places in Southern and Eastern Asia that have hot, rainy climates?

2. Summer heavy rains are brought by strong, southwest seasonal winds called______________.

3. In the winter, these seasonal winds from the ______ bring ________ ________ weather.

4. A negative result of the summer rain is __________.

5. What are the two types of climates north of the tropics in Asia?

6. Why is the climate of the central part of Asia cold?

7. What was once the main occupation of the Mongolian people?

8. Which countries in Southern and Eastern Asia have temperate climate?

9. How are Southern and Eastern Asia’s waterways important to the economy of the region?

10. What are the three important seaports of this region?

11. What does the term arable land mean?

12. What is the main occupation of many of he people in this

13. How, with so little arable land, do so many of Southeast Asia’s people farm?

14. What are the main farm products of the region?

15. Mineral and energy resources are distributed _________
across the continent.

16.India and China have ______and ______deposits.

posted on: August 31, 2005

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