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Happy Thanksgiving

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Couldn't resist... Students are working on China's Timelines and will finish after the holidays. All work should be made up by now, Progress Reports go home on Monday, Nov.27th. Enjoy the holiday!

posted on: November 20, 2006

Update on Grades/Projects: keynote and powerpoint

I am almost finished grading all projects and am reading the students essays on "What would you have done ?" The students have read "In Truman's Own Word's" ,"Aboard the Enola Gay", and "A Survivor's Story" plus information on the after affects of the bomb on Hiroshima. I have been very impressed by their decisions and the reasons they have given to support their position. Tues. and Wed. we are watching the BBC documentary on Hiroshima. The students have a study guide with 27 questions that follow the movie, we will discuss the guide and collect for a grade on Thursday.

Thursday 11/2 we will begin to study China!!!

posted on: November 01, 2006

Week 1: Thank you

Wow! My email box is running over!!! Thank you so much for communicating with me so quickly. I am setting up the mail lists as fast as I can, so don't stop now. If you have not done so yet, don't forget to email me your address so I can just copy and paste it into my address book. Do not miss this chance to have notification of due dates, tests,quizzes,and projects. Nearly 95% of my students brought in their syllabi signed today, that was fantastic!

Tomorrow the students will become archaeologists and will attempt to identify an artifact and hopefully tell us about the life and times of the people who made it. They will need their coloring pencils in class to illustrate the artifact.

Thursday, we will begin a mini-unit on intelligent behaviors, and distribute books.

Friday, we will take the pretest in Social Studies and do a writing piece.

The first week of school I devote to procedure, routine, and getting life organized. We will begin working in the text next week.

I am blessed again this year with a super group of students, I hope that the rest of the year goes as well as these two days have.

Thank you!

posted on: August 15, 2006

Welcome Back

Hope your summer was restful and full of fun; and that you are re-energized for an exciting year in Social Studies as we explore the HOT spots of today's world.

Back to School

posted on: August 07, 2006


The students did very well, 99% of them earned a "meets or exceeds standards on the CRCT. They mastered all 54 countries in Africa, with class averages of 94,94,96,and 95 percent! Our post-test/final scores were exceedingly high. Gee, they really were listening to me after all! :) I have thoroughly enjoyed this class of 2006 and see great potential ahead for each and everyone of them. Parents, I thank you for your support this year. Have a safe and happy summer.
Barbara Baylor

posted on: June 01, 2006

Week of 5/1-5/5 and IMPORTANT DATES

Students took their map test on Southern Africa. We concluded Ch.21 Western Africa an took the Chapter test on Thurs. and have a coloring activity to complete by Mon.(reprints of original African Art)We labeled their map of West Africa and the quiz on these countries will be this Tues. 5/9.
Important Dates:
1 West Africa Map Quiz 5/9 (no word bank, spelling counts)
2 Chapter 22 Test 5/15 (tentative date)
3 East and Equatorial Africa Map Quiz 5/16(no word bank,spelling counts)
4 Social Studies Final 5/19
5 Collect Books and assess any damage 5/19
6 African Continent Map Test 5/22 (word bank provided)
7 5/22 mini unit study on ancient Africa
School is not out yet and as you can see studying for Tests and Quizzes is still very important.

posted on: May 04, 2006

Southern Africa Quiz 5/02


Only these countries will be on the quiz:

posted on: April 27, 2006

Research in Mac Lab

Middle East and North Africa physical map quiz will be on Thurs. February 16th

Physical map:
Political map:
Chapter17:Geography of the Middle East and North Africa
The children have been learning about the geography, climate,and natural resources of the Middle East and North Africa.There will not be a test over this chapter, the map quiz will replace it.
In order to gain a better insight and understanding into Israel and Palestine, the children will begin a Webquest:researching the conflict, the cultures of both nations,and the history of this unrest between them.
The Task: Teams have been selected to respond to a plea from your peers in the Middle East and to negotiate a peaceful solution for the unrest and present it to the United Nations.
The students will be given individual roles of either a Reporter, a Socialist, or a Historian. They will be responsible for answering their essential questions and choosing one of the two tasks that have been assigned to their role. Roles,internet sites, and the grading rubric will be handed out in class on Thursday. I have arranged to work in the Mac Lab this week and next. The children may do research at home over the weekend.I will be adding supplemental internet links for the children to access as we progress. Tentative completion date is 2/16. This is a challenging activity and I believe the students will find it most interesting.

posted on: February 08, 2006


ZACH B. will represent Mrs. Baylor's classes in the school geography bee when we return to school in January.

posted on: December 29, 2005


Wednesday, we will have fun discussing and analyzing political cartoons in class. toonimageEnc-43.cfm.jpg

Our next topic of study will be INDIA.

All missing work has been completed and posted. I ran a print out of the student's final grades and posted it in the classroom.

We will have a book check on Wednesday.

The Block Party will be held on Thurs., PTSA will be selling drinks and candy. You may bring your own if you wish.

Hope you have a wonderful, restful holiday!

Merry Christmas!


posted on: December 20, 2005

Test Re-takes / Media Center Research / Homework

Anyone who wishes to improve their Southeast Asia map test grade, may do so either Tuesday morning or afterschool on Wednesday.
More to follow:

posted on: December 12, 2005

Study Guide Questions

Chapter 26 Test Study Guide Questions for TEST: Thurs. Dec.1st

1.Be able to define these terms: CONFUCIANISM, DAOISM, BUDDHISM,

2.Be able to identify these people and name their contributions to China: MAO ZEDONG, CONFUCIUS, LAOZI, SIDDHARTHA

3.Be able to identify and locate: BEIJING, HONG KONG, TAIWAN, SOUTH KOREA.

4.Be able to explain what roles Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping played in
China's history.

5.Describe the differences between a communist style of economy and limited free enterprise.

6.Identify East Asian martial arts and China's favorite arts and crafts.

7.Explain why many East Asian cultures are similar to China's.

8.Define:IMPERIALISM, when would China have experienced imperialism and when would it have been defeated, by whom and what new Nationalist country was established as a result of a civil war?

9.Describe the many duties( roles) of China's soldiers.

10.Define an "economic miracle", who fits this description in China?

11.Describe the history of the government of Mongolia.

12. Why would the practice of limited economic freedom threaten the Chinese mentality of the "iron rice bowl"?

13.Describe how the arts of China have changed under Communism.

posted on: November 28, 2005

PPT's and week of Nov. 14-18

The winning ppt's for each class will be announced the week of Nov.14th. The students did a superb job, unfortunately, I can't post them all. We will continue to study current day China, using our textbook begining on pg.525. We will cover the people, the economy, government and arts and recreation. There will not be any assignments to do over Thanksgiving week. When we return on the 28th, I will finish the last of the chapter and give a Chapter Test on that Friday.


Just a heads up, the last three weeks of Dec. before Winter Break will be spent studying Southeast Asia. Check out this website to practice your geography
skills: Free Online Educational Asian Countries Map Puzzle Web Games

posted on: November 13, 2005

Successful Week

Week of 10/24-10/28
We have been able to do Rome in a week, almost! Seriously, we were able to learn about the dynasties, the Mongols, the Great Wall, the Terra Cotta Army, the first Emperor of China, great inventions, and the Silk Road. The students have a writing assignment that is due on Wed.11/2. They are to write a letter home about what life is like for them as they work to build the Great Wall. All imagination is encouraged and all language arts skills will be part of their evaluation. Good Luck.I will not assign any homework for Halloween.
Several of the ppt. have been outstanding and will most definitely be posted to the Blog.

posted on: October 30, 2005

Conference Week

Wow! What a great week! I have enjoyed meeting with the parents of my 4th period. It was so rewarding to meet such supportive parents, I only wish there had been time to have met with everyone. You should be very proud of your students and their accomplishments.Continue to encourage your student as there are 3 more marking periods to go.

posted on: October 20, 2005

Advance notice:

Test on Japan will be Wednesday, September 28.

posted on: September 22, 2005


Skills for Japan
1. Explain why Japan developed a culture distinct from that of the rest of East Asia.

2. Explain why Japan is called a homogeneous society.

3. Identify Shintoism and describe how the Japanese blend the ideas of Shintoism with those of Buddhism and Confucianism.

Essential Question:
What distinct ways of life have the people of Japan developed?

Compare and contrast Shogun vs. Samurai (Venn Diagram)

Upcoming Events
Map test over Geography of Japan
Review Map

Answer Key

**Please check I-Parent for most recent grades.

posted on: September 12, 2005

Preview of Chapter 24 test on Friday.

1.You should be able to define:alluvial soil, monsoons,terraces,"The Roof of the World" and identify China's Sorrow.
2.Name Asia's 2 largest archipelagos,the river on which China's 1st civilization began,3 great rivers of the Indian subcontinent.
3. Identify the subcontinent, the climate of central Asia,good farming areas of Asia,and the geographical landform that tends toisolatesome countries of Asia.
4.Locate the mouth of the Mekong River.
5.Explain:why Asian farmers build terraces,why the lowlands of Asia are so densely populated, why people who live north of the mountains herd rather than farm, what might happen if monsoons were not present in Asia, how the high mountains of Asia contribute to the fertility of the river valley, and why river deltas in Asia have large populations.

posted on: September 01, 2005

Exploring The Eastern Hemisphere

7th Grade Social Studies Syllabus Mrs. Baylor
The student will be able to master Picasso Power Standards 1-5 in the Regional Overview of Asia, Middle East, and Africa. Case Studies will be focus on Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, Israel, South Africa, and Kenya.
The learner will be able to identify regions, countries, and physical features.
The learner will be able to examine cultural characteristics based on the history of the region.
• PS3: POLITICAL SYSTEMS The learner will be able to describe and compare government systems and their development.
The learner will be able to recognize the various economic systems and the influencing factors.
• PS5: EVALUATING INFORMATION The learner will be able to locate analyze, synthesize, and apply information from a variety of sources.
Supplementary Materials to support differentiation, reading and writing in the content area include but are not limited to:
USA Today
InspirED Curriculum on Asia, Africa and Middle East
UpFront Magazine (New York Times student publication)
National Geographic Selected Novels
Geographic overview
Case studies:
Historical, cultural, Political and economic comparisons of all Asian nations Unit 7
Chapters 24-28

Parallel Readings:
Selected Novels
Current Events
USA Today
UpFront Magazine
National Geographic 14 weeks

Middle East, North Africa
Geographic overview
Case studies:
Saudi Arabia
Historical, cultural, political, and economic comparisons of all ME/NA nations Unit 5 Chapters 17-19

Parallel Readings:
Selected Novels
Current Events
USA Today
UpFront Magazine
National Geographic 10 weeks

Sub-Saharan Africa
Geographic Overview
Case Studies:
South Africa
Historical, cultural, political, and economic comparisons of all Sub- Saharan nations Unit 6
Chapters 20-23

Parallel Readings:
Selected Novels
Current Events
USA Today
UpFront Magazine
National Geographic 10 weeks

posted on: August 09, 2005


Welcome to my new Social Studies Blog!

posted on: June 19, 2005

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