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Power Point Presentations

"15 minutes of fame" Friday,the children will begin teaching their topic on China to the class. China has a rich and interesting history: dynasties, the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Marco Polo,the Silk Route,inventions,medicine,to the Three Gorges dam.There will be additional mini-assignments/homework that will be required after each lesson. The students have done an excellent job of preparing their information into a ppt. I have extended a challenge to the 4 classes that whoever did the best presentation in each category would have their ppt. posted to my blog.The results will be announced later. Stay tuned for daily updates on which topics were covered in class...Geography and Dynasties go first.

posted on: October 20, 2005

Power Point Presentations

Remember we only have 2 more days (Mon.& Tues.) in the lab to finish your presentations. This will be your 10 minutes of fame. Be sure to go over the handouts I gave you in class, particularly the rubric for your grade. Bring your textbook and coloring pencils to class on Wed. Presentations will begin on Thursday 10/20.If you have anymore research or writing to do then it must be completed by Monday 10/17.

posted on: October 13, 2005

Welcome to China

Congratulations! Your mission is to teach the class a lesson on China. The teams have been chosen and the topics assigned. Your goal will be to create a PowerPoint presentation that includes all the material needed to gain a comfortable understanding of the topic and its role in China’s history. All projects will be introduced with an Essential Question; from your presentation, students will be able to answer the EQ. You may introduce new vocabulary, overviews on Big Ideas, and contributions. Keep the information simple and use you own words, no plagiarism. Remember your research skills and answer the 5 W’s + H. You may use pictures and sources from the internet, using the internet search engines that have been cleared by the Media Center. Google is not a search engine. Be sure to evaluate that your content is factual and the information is organized in a clear, logical way. It should be easy for the class to take notes and you should be prepared to answer questions if asked. Please follow the guidelines given to you on how to prepare a professional look to your project.

We will have several days using computers both in the lab and the media center. Topics will be presented chronologically. We will continue to use the textbook and assign homework; your test will come from the presentations as well as the book.
Remember I am looking for informative, factual, interesting, quality presentations.

The project is due Tuesday, October 18.

Download file" Rubric
Download file" Multimedia
Download file" Approved Websites
Download file" Power Point Topics

posted on: October 10, 2005

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