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September 28, 2006

Terrific Thursday

It's great to be back, even after just one day away. I was so delighted our substitute, Mrs. Boye, left very positive comments about our classes.

If you are reading this blog, shhhhhhh! You are in the 'write' place for bonus points. Write a compound sentence about DEAR Gorilla using the coordinating conjunction 'so'. Happy writing!

Worksheets Simple Sentence 2C and Compound Sentence 2A, complete sentences #1 and #2 on each worksheet.
Read/Record/Super summary sentence (Don't lose your Reading Log!)

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September 26, 2006

Write-Away Tuesday

Congratulations! You checked our blog! News - we will have a sub tomorrow and DEAR Gorilla as I will be at an inservice. Don't forget to bring an interesting and challenging chapter book to class. If you did not ask your parent to sign your Simple Sentence test, do so tonight.

Our focus of instruction = Identify and write simple and compound sentences, expanding to complex and compound-complex sentences, avoiding fragments and run-ons.

Read/Record/Super Summary Sentence - Since this is the only homework tonight and tomorrow night, I expect some wonderful, informative summary sentences when I return on Thursday. Yum, yum??

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September 25, 2006

Monday homework

The Simple Sentence tests were graded and returned to students today. Students who scored below 80% on the Simple Sentence test need to study their graded test and study guide tonight. They will take a retest tomorrow in class.

Ask a parent to sign your test.
Study if you need to take the retest.

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September 22, 2006

Fabulous Friday

Students completed their Simple Sentence Test today. We reviewed compound sentences and will expand our use of them in our writing.

We have also joined Mrs. Worthington's advanced LA classes for a novel study, Old Yeller. We started yesterday, and we will join them for the last 10-15 minutes of class most days. We have enjoyed listening to the novel read aloud and joining in on class discussions.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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September 21, 2006

Tricky Thursday

Students began their test over simple sentences today. They will finish their test tomorrow.

Correct any errors and rewrite any incorrect sentences on study guide and worksheets to help you as you complete the test tomorrow.
Rewrite the incorrect sentences on notebook paper and attach to your study guide.

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September 20, 2006

Write Track Wednesday

Although our day was shorter than usual (early dismissal), we reviewed for tomorrow's test and students received their study guide.

TEST Tomorrow
Complete the study guide
Study for the Test
Read/Record/Super Summary Sentence

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September 19, 2006

Tuesday homework

You are on the 'Write Track' !

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September 18, 2006

Monday Wake-up

If you are on the 'Write Track' you will see bonus points below. Checking in is worth it!!

Monday was a continued review of simple sentences with two subjects and two verbs. We will have a quiz Wednesday or Thursday over simple sentences - all types - all formulas SV, SSV, SVV, SSVV, and the definitions of a simple sentence and an independent clause.

We explored (a vivid verb) some more vivid verbs. Remember to use at least two of the vivid verbs on your "boring verb page" in your sentences tonight.

Worksheet 18B, remember: Sentences need a least words to match your number of birthdays.
Read/Record/Super Summary Sentence (These are slipping again - ouch!)
Reading Logs are due tomorrow

Bonus points: To show you are more alert than you were in class today (very mellow Monday), write down the number of vivid verbs you currently have on your "boring verb page".

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September 15, 2006

Fabulous Friday!

Today we began throwing away 'boring verbs' and started digging up 'vivid verbs'. We will use the vivid verbs to bring our writing to life.

Ask your parents to sign your progress report.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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September 14, 2006

Terrific Thursday

Thank you for checking our Write-On (right on) blog!! If you have not been checking, you have missed out on some bonus points. Five opportunities for bonus points have been posted over the last four weeks. Keep watching for more.

Mrs. Hendrix, our media center specialist, arranged for our class to learn about non-fiction books and types of non-fiction books. This lesson was exciting as each student participated by using the Promethean Eggs. (Tell your parents about the "eggs".)

Progress Reports will be sent home tomorrow. Students, please ask one of your parents to sign your progress report and return to school on Monday.

Worksheet 15B - Sentences need to be 8 words or more.
Read/Record/Super summary sentence

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September 13, 2006

Wacky Wednesday

We are continuing to improve our writing of simple sentences. Things to remember: PENS MARK, match the formula, check your subject-verb agreement, capitals, punctuation, prepositional phrases, and infinitives. That is a lot for a 'simple' sentence!
Check your work by reading your sentences out loud, or have someone else read them to you, and listen carefully to the way they really 'sound'. Sometimes it is hard to 'hear' our own mistakes.

Tomorrow we are going to the media center. Mrs. Hendrix will present a brief lesson on internet vocabulary. Bring your chapter book to renew or return for another book.

Read/Record/Super summary sentence
Worksheet 13 B - Match the formula and MARK.

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September 12, 2006

Thoughtful Tuesday!

Thank you for checking our blog today! (Shhhh....there may be bonus points at the end of this post!)

"DEAR Gorilla", every Tuesday, is a wonderful time to read 'thoughtfully' and write reflectively. Focusing our reading and writing on a specific question or thought helps us apply our Language Arts skills. Focus today while reading - "I noticed ___ simple sentences in the author's writing."


Complete worksheet 15A (sentences should have at least eight (8) words or more).
Read/Record/Summary sentence

Bonus points:
Find and list the prepositional phrases and infinitives in one paragraph that you read tonight in your chapter book.

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September 11, 2006

Write 0n!

Each night this week we will be writing short assignments tied to this week's focus on sentence structure. We are reviewing and writing simple sentences, avoiding fragments and run-ons, using the sentence formulas (SV, SSV, SVV, SSVV), and marking out imposters. Students are discovering that composing well written, interesting sentences, that match the formula, requires extra planning.

Complete worksheet 13A (sentences should have at least eight (8) words or more).
Read/Record/Summary sentence
Some students need to ask their parents to sign their quizzes from last week.

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September 08, 2006

Write on, young authors!

Thank you for checking our blog. You have worked very hard this week, and your efforts are reflected in your quizzes and Reading Log summary sentences. Watch for infinitives and prepositional phrases in the chapter book you are reading. Does your author use simple sentences in his/her writing? Does he also use compound sentences?

Read/Record - delightfully descriptive summary sentences
Parent signature on quizzes

BONUS: For 2 bonus points, make a list of the infinitives and prepositional phrases from one of the pages you are reading in your chapter book this weekend.

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September 07, 2006

Language Arts homework

Read for 20-30 minutes from your chapter book or a non-fiction book.
Record the pages read on you Reading Log & write a Super-Duper summary sentence. Include 3 of the 5 W's with 13 or more words for your sentence length.
Quizzes will be returned tomorrow.

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September 06, 2006

Quiz tomorrow!

Today we reviewed for tomorrow's quizzes. Remember - Thursday, we will have a quiz over infinitives and prepositions. Students have a study guide to complete tonight that is the same format as the quiz. We will also have a DOL/DOG quiz. Students should study the DOL/DOG sentences we worked on this week in class.

Homework tonight:
Summary sentence with lots of details
Complete study guide and study

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September 05, 2006

Information on homework grading

To help get everyone back into the homework routine, homework for the first 3 weeks of school have been posted on iParent as a daily grade (5 points each day). Beginning this week, I will post homework weekly - 5 days of reading/recording each week - 5 days x 5 points = 25 points each week. I collect the reading logs on Tuesday, so the week will go from Tuesday night homework to Monday night homework. Students can read/record extra on the weekend to make-up for a missed evening. If the summary sentence is too short or does not have enough information, homework for that evening is 4 points. If there is no summary sentence at all, they only receive 2 1/2 points. Please contact me if you have any questions. This daily homework can really add up and help a student's grade, or it can hurt their grade.

QUIZ Thursday, study by teaching someone in your home the difference between prepositions and infinitives. Write a list of prepositions.

Homework tonight:
Summary sentence with lots of details
We planned to finish a study guide tonight, however, we ran out of time and students did not receive it today. They will get it tomorrow.
Quiz over prepositions and infinitives on Thursday, and a quick DOL/DOG quiz also.

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September 01, 2006

Have a wonderful weekend!

We will have a quiz on prepositions and infinitives using the MARK strategy next week.
You may use the Thursday web sites for some fun practice on prepositions.

Write a GREAT, descriptive, summary sentence using at least 3 of the 5 W's!
Bonus points from Thursday's blog will be accepted on Tuesday - Optional

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