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December 11, 2006
This is the Write-Place Monday!

If you earned the bonus points offered last week, write your name on a slip of paper with the date of the 1st blog and the answer to the question of the 2nd blog. If you didn't read and earn the bonus points - You missed a great opportunity! Maybe you should go back and check to see what was there and try again. (Second chance :-D ).

Book-Chat News: We are sending home a Book-Chat Visitors form to make signing in an easy task and to monitor safety in our building. If you are coming to our book chat, please bring the filled out form with you. 5th period LA took the form home today. 4th period LA will bring it home tomorrow.

Analyzing characters for response to literature project
Paragraph structure: topic sentence, detail sentences, clincher sentence
Sentence variety: Compound sentences

Start Character Chart: Headings: Character = Lesson learned
include 3 or 4 characters from your Dream Series novel

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