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February 27, 2007
Write-Time Tuesday

Students received assistance writing their topic sentences. Students read their detail sentences of their rough draft, then the class offered suggestions for a basic topic sentence. After putting that on the overhead, everyone used a thesaurus and their topic sentence guide sheets to suggest improvements on structure, descriptive vocabulary, and content. The result - a messing overhead with very interesting and descriptive topic sentences.

Special notice
Reading 25 books - 3rd nine weeks ends the middle of March; leaving only 2 1/2 weeks to bring total number of books read to 20. The state criteria for books read each school year is 25 books and we are almost there. (Some students have already accomplished this and more!)

Using multiple sources to research a topic.
Writing source citations and bibliography cards
Researching facts
Writing note cards
Writing informational text from note cards
Paraphrasing to avoid plagiarism
Writing topic and clincher sentences

Writing Analysis - Analyze 5 sentences from your research rough draft.
Read for 20-30 minutes 5 days each week/Book report-You should be working on your book reports as you read, adding information as you go along.

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