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November 11, 2005
GEO Lines in the Plane 11/11/05

Today we began Ch 4 which is a short chapter on proofs and lines. We discussed detour proofs, proofs with missing diagrams, and the formula used to find the midpoint of a line segment.

-use detours in proofs
-apply the midpoint formula
-organize the information in, and draw diagrams for, problems presented in words.

p.172-174 (1,4-9,12)
p.178-179 (8,9,11)

Georgia Standards:
GEO 2.5 Triangles:Fid/Midsegment Triangles
GEO 2.8 Formulas: Distance and Midpoint
GEO 4.1 Reasoning: Apply/Formal/Informal
GEO 4.2 Proof: Recognize/Complete/Statement
GEO 4.3 Reasoning: Inductive/Deductive
GEO 4.6 Congruence: Identify
GEO 4.8 Triangles: Identify/Congruent
GEO 5.1 Connecting: Algebra/Geometry
GEO 7.1 Inductive/Deductive: Prove/Conclusions
GEO 7.2 Reasoning: Recognize
GEO 7.3 Geometric Relationships:Problems
GEO 7.4 Problem Solving:Visualization

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