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December 16, 2005
GEO Lines and Planes in Space 12/16/05

Today we took a quiz on Ch 6.

-understand the basic concepts relating to planes
-identify four methods of determining a plane
-apply two postulates concerning lines and planes
-recognize when a line is perpendicular to a plane
-apply the basic theorem concerning the perpendicularity of a line and a plane
-recognize lines parallel to planes, parallel planes, and skew lines
-use properties relating parallel lines and planes


Georgia Standards:
GEO 3.2 Properties: State/Apply
GEO 3.7 Geometric Terms: Identify
GEO 3.9 Lines/Angles: Identify
GEO 4.1 Reasoning: Apply/Formal/Informal
GEO 4.2 Proof: Recognize/Complete/Statement
GEO 4.3 Reasoning: Inductive/Deductive
GEO 4.4 Planes/Points/Lines: Apply/Facts
GEO 4.5 Theorems: Apply/State
GEO 4.10 Parallel Lines: Use/Properties
GEO 4.19 Lines/Angles: Identify/Use
GEO 7.1 Inductive/Deductive: Prove/Conclusions
GEO 7.2 Reasoning: Recognize
GEO 7.3 Geometric Relationships: Problems
GEO 7.4 Problem Solving: Visualization
GEO 3.10 Planes/Points/Lines:Recognize

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