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February 27, 2006
GEO Pythagorean Theorem 2/27/06

Today we worked with space figures. We used them to help us practice applying the pythagorean theorem.

apply the pythagorean theorem to solid figures

p.414 91-3, 5-7, 9,11,12,16)

Georgia Standards:
GEO 3.7 Geometric Terms: State /Apply
GEO 4.5 Theorems: Apply/State
GEO 4.3 Reasoning: Inductive/Deductive
GEO 4.1 Reasoning: Apply/Informal/Informal
GEO 7.2 Reasoning: Recognize
GEO 7.3 Geometric Relationships: Problems
GEO 2.8 Formulas
GEO 4.7 Right Triangles: Identify
GEO 4.12 Pythagorean Theorem: State/Apply
GEO 4.13 Right Triangles: Recognize
GEO 4.14 Problem Solving: Trigonometry
GEO 4.24 Right Triangles:Use/Properties
GEO 3.4 Circles:Identify/Define
GEO 4.26 Circumference: Recognize/Circle
GEO 4.25 Right Triangles: Identify/Evaluate

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