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October 13, 2006
Valuable Math Websites to Check Out!!

Valuable Math Web sites and commentary from students

1. Good help for practicing for a quiz, test or just practicing to get better at math.
2. Has examples of how to do the problems that you get stuck on.
3. Very challenging and makes you think!
4. Lots of worksheets to choose from.
5. The calculators and worksheets are very useful.
6. It is a little boring, not fun, but it would help you practice math.


1. Very well done! Offers challenges for grade levels. Interactive and offers SUOOKU!
2. Awesome! I love it!

1. Good for integer practice and note taking
2. Easy

1. Color chips addition – interactive – good
2. Color chips subtraction – interactive – good
3. Builderted – best one
4. Integers Practice – helpful

1. Helpful notes, not fun, but helpful.

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