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September 26, 2006
Daily Agenda

Classwork (Tues. 9/26)
1. Share projects(where applicable).
2. Review Sec. 4-3 (Drifting Continents) WB and discuss.
3. View Bill Nye video(Earth's Crust) and take notes on foldable paper(as instructed in class). Min. of 10 facts & 2 illustrations.

Study for quiz on Sec. 4-1 thru 4-3. It will be given tomorrow. Use your WB and notes for reference.

Social Studies

1. Share projects.
2. Review Sec. 1-2 maps & diagrams.
3. Take Sec. 1-2 quiz.
4. Begin Climate of Europe crossword puzzle. Use colored pencils and the map on p. 3 of your text to accurately depict (show) the climate zones of Europe on the flip-side of the puzzle. Note: If you do not have the same colors, be sure to provide a key identifying the zones. Use the front side and your text to help you find the answers to the puzzle.

1. Finish crossword puzzle on Climate of Europe.
2. Begin studying for Chap. 1 Test. It will be given on Thurs. Be sure to study all (3) sections in Chap. 1. The primary focus will be on Sec.1-3. Use your section review responses, handouts and your text for reference.

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