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December 07, 2006
Daily Agenda


Classwork (Thur. 12/7)
1. Copy Science Fair Guidelines into your log. Click below for reference.
2. Finish Test and make-up DEAR time.
3. Read & discuss science fair comic books.
4. Begin bugs-a-copter lab.

1. Based on what you've learned about appropriate ideas for good science fair project ideas, identify at least 5 science fair ideas that you would like to investigate. Write them on notebook paper and bring them in tomorrow.
2. Complete side 1 of scientific method WS for review of key terms regarding the scientific method. This is the flip-side of the word search.

Social Studies

1. Continue Nicholas & Alexandra video and note-taking.

No homework.

Guidelines for Science Fair Project Log

1. Everything that you think, do, or say about your project needs to be in this log. The first entry should be the introduction to the topic that I am studying.
2. Black ink only. Only permanent, ballpoint pens. All writing should be legible and consistent throughout.
3. How to Organize My Project (my log)
A. Write the introductory information about the topic selected.
1) Research (What did I learn and from what source did I obtain the information?)
2)I Propose…sheet
4. Include all stages of the Scientific Method (save 10 spaces in your log for this, right now). Fill in the steps on your own.
5. Date all entries (left margin).
6. Do not erase or white-out your entries. If you make a mistake, simply cross through it and continue with your intended thoughts.
7. Measurements that you take must have quantitative and qualitative observations. All measurements must be in metric units.
8. Provide an explanation for why you chose this problem and hypothesis.
9.Conclusions should have:
·A statement which accepts or rejects your hypothesis
·A summary of the most significant findings
·About two complete paragraphs

-Include responses to question 4 of "What Happened?" section in your packet.

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