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April 26, 2007
Daily Agenda

Social Studies (Thur. 4/26)

1. View video on Canada & take notes.
2. Use your notes to begin organizing your travel brochure for Canada.

1. Map test on Canada will be given on Mon. 4/30. Use your decorated map for reference.
2. Organize the notes you have so far on the brochure handout provided in class. Answer the last question on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to your notes and brochure handout.


1. Collect Sec. 16-2 homework.
2. Demos on air pressure and factors that affect it.
3. Review Sec. 15-3 on Air Pressure.

1. Read Sec. 16-1(Energy in the Atmosphere) and complete the review questions at the end of the lesson. Due tomorrow.
2. Complete the Science at Home activity at the end of 16-1 over the next few days. Record your observations on paper. Due Mon.

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