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Daily Agenda

Science Students Only

Reminder: Start gathering your supplies for our Edible Ocean Floor projects. You will actually construct the edible model on Friday. Be sure to account for all major features of the ocean floor. You will have some class time tomorrow to fine-tune your plan.

posted on: March 28, 2007

Daily Agenda

Classwork (Wed. 5/17)

1. Review HW and discuss Continental Drift Theory.
3. Finish Discover! Lab (p. 108) re: how scientists study Earth's interior.
4. Continue design team projects: Candy product plans of Earth's structure


1. Read Sec.4-4 (Sea-floor Spreading) and complete WB. Due Friday.
2. Continue working on Journal Entry #13 (Essential Questions 19-23). Due Friday.
3. Check i-parent for updates to grades.

posted on: May 17, 2006

Daily Agenda

Classwork (Thurs. 4/13)

1. Went to computer lab to continue typing the abstract for the science project.

No homework.

Reminder: Tomorrow will be the last day available to finish typing your final report (abstract). Please come to class prepared and expect to maximize your time. You must also bring a book to read and your illustrative concept maps in case you finish your project early.

posted on: April 13, 2006

Daily Agenda

Classwork (Wed. 4/12)

1. Reminder to complete thorough analysis of "all" data from project.
2. Discuss conclusions and adjust log accordingly.
3. Update Science Project guidelines. Click at the bottom of the 03/24 entry to see what's new and add to the guideline section in the rear of your log.
4. Review rubric and use as a checklist for project (log & abstract).
5. Work on illustrative concept maps for Sec. 3-1 (began before spring break).


Answer the "What Happened?" questions provided during class today. Click below for reference.
Reminder: We will be going to the computer lab today and Friday in order to finish typing our abstract. Remember to bring your log, project packet and rubric and black ink pen to class each day. Think about the sections that you need to complete or revise and be prepared to maximize your time. You must also have your illustrative concept map and a book to read in case your group finishes early.


What Happened?
Write the following questions in your log under Step V (Observe and Record Data) directly beneath the last entry and answer them in detailed, thorough sentences.

1. Describe what went well during the project.
2. Describe issues or obstacles that you encountered during the project.
3. What could have been done to compensate for (limit) human error?
Note: This question pertains to the procedure and data collection phases of the science project. You should first identify areas of the experiment where human error may have or actually did take place. Then, identify things that could have been done to reduce those errors.
4a. What recommendations do you have regarding the entire project experience?
4b. What recommendations do you have for consumers or your peers?
Note: 4a & 4b should also be reflected in your abstract.

posted on: April 12, 2006

Daily Agenda

Classwork (Tues. 4/11)

1. Analyze data for science project and record in log.
2. Identify variables, independent variable, dependent variable and controls for science project.


Finish identifying all variables (if not done in class). Due tomorrow.

Note: I would like to say how proud I am of those who took initiative over the break to work on their project. That's the nature of a true scientist. We will continue working on the projects for the rest of the week. The final report/log will be due on Mon. 4/17.

posted on: April 11, 2006

Daily Agenda

Classwork (Wed. 3/29)

1. DEAR/Catch-up time on project (includes finishing research notes).
2. Discuss "How To Make Bar Graphs" and where to place them and all other data and observations regarding the popcorn experiment.
3. Discuss presentation folders/binders and show example.


1. Make bar graphs (in the appropriate section of your log) reflecting actual data obtained from the popcorn experiment. The first two graphs will show bars for all three trials of popped and unpopped kernels (one graph per brand). The second two graphs will show the average popped and unpopped kernels (one graph per brand). Due tomorrow.
2. Examine your data/observations/graphs. Write down anything that you noticed along the way. Write down any relationships between variables or brands that you notice (whether similarities or differences). All of this should be recorded in the appropriate section of your log. If you are unsure where it belongs, call a friend and find out. Start tonight, can finish tomorrow.
3. Read Sec. 3-3 (Sedimentary Rocks) and complete the WB. Due tomorrow.
4. Review the blog entries for the past three days to make sure that you have done all of the work. If you haven't, be sure to get it done.
5. Study SVW Group #3 and the spelling list (inside science project packet) for quiz on Friday.

Note: You may come in at 8:30 tomorrow and/or Fri. for additional assistance regarding the class project. Be sure to bring your log, a black pen and anything else that you have pertaining to your project. You may also use this time to finish conducting your research. All research should be finished by your class session on Fri. because we will return to the media center to work on the abstract.

posted on: March 29, 2006

Daily Agenda

Classwork (Tues. 3/28)

1. Copy anything that you do not have into your log in "black ink" (see the last few blog entries or click below for the Procedure).
2. Discuss packets.
3. Finish research notes (cite references in log).
4. Go to Media Center and begin typing your abstract (Cover page and part of research).
5. Per. 6 Copy the rest of your class data (from yesterday's blog) and finish your calculations.


Complete: I Propose...sheet. Have signed by your parent. Due tomorrow.
Either you or your partner needs to bring in a medium-sized 3-ring binder or presentation folder (clear front) for your abstract.

Step IV. Test the Hypothesis

1.Orville Redenbacher’s Movie Theatre Butter microwave popcorn (Independent Variable)Remember to use whichever brand your class had here.
2.Act II Movie Theatre Butter (Independent Variable)
3.microwave (constant);time taken varies per brand
4.large bowls (constant)
5.gloves (constant)
6.Ziploc bags
1.Take a bag of ORMTB and remove plastic wrapper.
2.Place into microwave and preset to 3 min. Be sure
To listen for slowing down of popping corn.
3.Take caution when removing the bag from the
4.Count the number of duds and number popped
And record in log.
5.Repeat process two more times for ORMTB.
6.Repeat process three times for ACTIIMTB.

posted on: March 28, 2006

Science Fair Project Guidelines

Guidelines for Science Fair Project Log

1. Everything that you think, do, or say about your project needs to be in this log. The first entry should be the introduction to the topic that I am studying.
2. Black ink only. Only permanent, ballpoint pens. All writing should be legible and consistent throughout.
3. How to Organize My Project (my log)
A. Write the introductory information about the topic selected.
1) Research (What did I learn and from what source did I obtain the information?)
2)I Propose…sheet
4. Include all stages of the Scientific Method (save 10 spaces in your log for this)
5. Date all entries (left margin).
6. Do not erase or white-out your entries. If you make a mistake, simply cross through it and continue with your intended thoughts.
7. Measurements that you take must have quantitative and qualitative observations. All measurements must be in metric units.
8. Provide an explanation for why you chose this problem and hypothesis.
9.Conclusions should have:
·A statement which accepts or rejects your hypothesis
·A summary of the most significant findings
·About two complete paragraphs
-Include responses to question 4 of "What Happened?" section

posted on: March 24, 2006

Daily Agenda

Classwork (Tues. 3/21)

1. Share "Life of a Star" free-form maps and performance projects.
2. Work on CPR #11-"FoodWords" activity.
3. Begin Bugs-a-Copter Lab (Scientific Inquiry)-period 3 only.


1. Remember 1/2 or 1pint milk (juice) carton.
2. Bring your science "log" book to class beginning Thurs. This is your "other" journal from the beginning of the year.
3. If you volunteered to bring in either Orville Red., Pop Secret or Act II Movie Theatre Butter microwave popping corn, you may start bringing them in tomorrow. Bring them to me during HR. We will use it for our "in class" science project beginning Mon. 3/27.

posted on: March 21, 2006

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