Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years. Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years.
Daily Agenda

Classwork (Tues. 10/25)

1. Finish CPR #2(Observ. & Inferences mindstretchers),discuss and file behind CPR #1 in binder. Update gradesheet.
2. Finish video (Wonders of Weather) and notes. Discuss what was learned.


CPR #3
1. Extended practice and application of observ. & inferences. Select a picture (preferrably-comic strip) from a newspaper, magazine or other source. Write three observations and 2 inferences about the picture on a small index card. Paste the picture and observ/infer. card onto a sheet of paper. Take a separate index card and make an answer key for it. Due tomorrow.

Note: Be sure to use complex sentences for your statements. Remember, the idea is to encourage your partner to think inferentially and outside of the box! :)

posted on: October 25, 2005

What's the CNC?

Think like a scientist. Do some research. Make an educated guess. Write your answer on a sheet of paper and turn it in. Be sure to justify how you came to that conclusion. The first person to draw the correct conclusion will win the prize.

posted on: September 16, 2005

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