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Homeroom Students Only (Wed. 8/16)

Reminder: Cobb County folder/Mabry papers must be signed by your parent and returned to me by Fri. 8/18.

posted on: August 16, 2006

Conference Letters

For parents:
Generally speaking,
Teachers will conference w/ their third period class. Conference letters went home on Fri. 9/30. Please review the conference letter and return to appropriate teacher as soon as possible. Thank you.

posted on: October 03, 2005

2005-2006 Syllabus

2005-2006 Syllabus
Sixth Grade Earth Science
Mrs. Brown-Curry (6A), Mrs. Davis (6B), Mrs. Sneed (6B)

“Advanced Content: This course is differentiated in content, pacing, process skills, and expectation. Curriculum content has been designed for mastery and extension of state and district standards. The district has established criteria and guidelines that identify students who will be successful with the advanced curriculum. Students must meet continuation criteria to remain in the class.”

The following topics/chapters will be discussed during the school year. The time intervals are subject to change in order to accommodate student progress during the year.

Introduction, Class Rules/Procedures, Organization, Pretest
1 week

Intro to Lab Safety, Scientific Method/Inquiry, Measurement; Weather
Chapters 15-18; 6-7 weeks

Hydrology, Ocean Composition, Ocean Motion
Chapters 11, 13; 3-4 weeks

Earth-Moon-Sun System
Chapters 19-20; 3 weeks

Galaxies, Universe, Planets, Comets, Asteroids
Chapters 21, 20; 5 weeks

Rocks & Topography
Chapters 1- 3; 5-6 weeks

Earth’s Processes and History
Chapters 7-9; 5-6 weeks

Conservation of Natural Resources
Chapters 10, 12; 3-4 weeks

¸ All students are responsible for keeping all assignments until the end of the grading period in conjunction with a grade sheet. This helps to study for tests and also to insure that all assignments have been completed and graded. The CRCT practice pre-test will be given to determine weak areas that the curriculum needs to address.
¸ Students will share the responsibility of creating an environment that is positive and promotes learning in the classroom. A conduct grade is given every nine weeks on the report card. The grade is one of the following: S (satisfactory), N (needs improvement), or U (unsatisfactory). Classroom rules are an extension of school wide rules, which should be adhered to at all times. Please refer to the sixth grade behavior management plan for specific criteria. If the student is referred to the office for behavior, an automatic N or U is given. If the student receives an N or U, the student will not meet the requirements for honor roll, certain clubs, and other activities.
¸ Mabry has adopted a “No zero policy” for homework. It is to be completed and turned in on time. Be prepared with necessary book(s), binder(s), and writing utensils every day. Remember: Being a student is your job and we want you to be successful in it.
¸ Good attendance is strongly recommended. Each student is responsible for obtaining his/her make-up assignments. The student should see the teacher for worksheets and make-up times for missed tests. Please refer to the Mabry student handbook for the make-up policy. For example, Monday absence – Wednesday make-up work is due, tests/quizzes are included. Assignments will be posted on the respective teacher’s blog. Check with your teacher to inquire about alternative ways to obtain make-up work. If a student has been out for three days or more, parents may call the school to pick up books and assignments in the office after 4:15 p.m.
¸ The grades will be distributed as follows:

Homework 10%
Class work 15%
Quizzes 20%
Labs (Group Work) 20%
Tests/Projects 35%

Total 100%

I have read and understand the requirements for science on the 2005-2006 syllabus.

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