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November 04, 2005
Official Project Research Forms

Today students received copies of the official research forms that are required for their independent study project. Navigate the UGA link to see the specific rules and forms that apply to your project. Projects involving human subjects, vertebrate animals, and any dangerous materials require additional forms and approval by review boards. Your forms are due to me on or before Nov. 11th.

2006 Rules and Forms

Some of you may want to get busy with your experiments, but you must have your forms signed by me before you begin. So...get your forms to me as soon as possible. The deadline for your research plan and accompanying forms is Nov. 11. I will review them and sign for approval if no changes are needed. FYI- most students need to have their work edited before it is approved, so be prepared to revisit your typed plan and make changes.

Do not begin your experiment until you have signed paperwork returned to you that indicates approval of your plan.

Posted by Mrs. Carroll

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