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January 10, 2006
Projects Due on Tuesday

Tuesday, Jan 17th is the due date for student independent study projects. Each student should have a display board, a detailed logbook of their original work, and a formal report to turn in on Tuesday. Students should be working on data analysis (tables, graphs, and discussion). Remember to reflect on whether or not your data support your hypothesis for your conclusion. See the Science Fair Basics handouts and others for details. I will provide a summary handout for you tomorrow.

The class Science Fair will be next Thursday, January 19th. Please plan to attend before and after the Jekyll Parent Information meeting that is scheduled for 6:00pm. More details will follow.

Please note that students are NOT required to do the Abstract as described in their handbooks. Only students who are going on to the district fair will be asked to do this.

Today I learned that some students are not quite finished with their experiments. We discussed the problems with procrastination and the unexpected happenings that can crash last minute efforts. It is now "crunch time"! Get busy working on your final items.

I have let students know that I am available to assist them with creating their computer generated graphs of data before and after school for the rest of this week. I will get here by 8:15 for the early crowd and I will stay until 5:30 for the later crowd.

If you want me to cut letters for your title on your display, please write out what you want and attach it to the paper that you want me to use and I will get it done on Wed. or Thurs. afternoon.

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