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October 03, 2006
Cell Cycle today...Test Monday

1. Today students took notes on the cell cycle using the textbook on pages 72-79. The notes should give details about what is happening in each of the three stages in the life cycle of cells.
2. Students then connected to my blog and the Trackstar lesson on the Reviewing the Cell Cycle that was posted earlier. The Online lesson on Onion Root tip mitosis (1st site) was completed with the data and analysis written on the same page as the notes.

Take time tonight to check out the other sites on the track to learn about the cell cycle.

Homework is to begin reviewing for your upcoming test, which is scheduled for next Monday. It will cover how cells grow, divide, and make/obtain needed materials (all of chapter 2).

Also on the homework board is to continue researching your possible park questions/ research topics so you will be able to make a good choice for your project.

I will issue the Life Science Guided Reading and Study Workbooks tomorrow. Students who did not earn at least 80 on the last need to compete the lesson pages for chapter 2 and get them checked before next Monday so they will be better prepared for the next test.

Posted by Mrs. Carroll

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