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October 17, 2006

Parents and students: I am available after school from 4:20-5:15 Monday-Thursday to help students with their research.
The root word of question is quest.
Your research question sends you on an exciting quest.
About finding a question . . .
"Sometimes you have to do some wondering to get to your wonderings.”
“Research is a process of discovery—a process that continually requires us to rethink, and re-search our understandings.”
Research is a tune-in activity ~
Research means paying close attention tuning in to what is going on so you don't miss out.
Source:The Art of Classroom Inquiry  by Ruth Shagoury Hubbard and Brenda Miller Power
Thanks to Mrs. Worthington for finding the quotes above.
As we begin our research in the media center, it is nice to reflect on the process.
Here is the preliminary timeline for our research this term. Students received a copy today and were asked to make notes in their agendas about upcoming deadlines.

Timeline for Research Projects.doc

This handout gives some guidance for students who may need to find a more interesting or more reasonable question for research.

Independent Study Projects-1.doc

We will go to the media center again tomorrow and note cards will be checked on 10/23 at the end of the class.

Homework this week, 10/17-10/22, is to take notes on note cards as you gather background information for your project. A bibliography card should be completed for each source that you use. Remember to use bullets; avoid sentences. Paraphrasing takes longer and sometimes leads to plagiarism.

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