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December 07, 2006
Student Research Plans and forms

There was a little confusion about the research plans and forms that students have been working on lately.

Hopefully all questions have been answered and students will be able to complete the assignment and submit it to me for approval on or before Monday, Dec. 11. Remember to include your bibliography.

Parents need to read your research plan and sign in the space for parents on form 1B only. Students remember to tell your parents that I am the sponsor and have studied the rules.

Students who are engaging in studies of salamanders need to have the Vertebrate Animal form and the student teams that are using the bacteria tests that were ordered will need to complete an additional form. The forms are available online below or I will give you one at school. I will work with you to help complete them.

Remember that safety is always the most important consideration. Please make a note in your research plan about safety precautions that you will take as you perform your investigation. You could make a statement about the use of protective eyewear (goggles) if you are using any chemical tests for water quality. If you are getting in the stream to collect or measure, make a note that boots will be used and that hands will be washed following the data collection. Students involved in bacterial studies will be limited to making observations of dishes that are taped shut and I will be in charge of disposal of the dishes after observations. Think about safety during field studies.

Here is the link to UGA for the official 2007 Rules for Precollege Science Research. All students are asked to complete the necessary permission forms for research even though they may not be participating in science fair.

Rules Book

Science Fair Site

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