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April 23, 2007
Project Work

We will work on our projects during class time inside tomorrow and outside on Wednesday. You have 3 weeks to complete your data collection and/or work on your project. The final report is due on Monday, May 14th.

For homework tonight please write out your research question (or project goal for a few student projects) and the details of what you will do to complete your research and when you will do it. Be specific about the details of what you need to do to answer your question.

Think like a scientist. Remember that you must base your conclusion on your data. Data should be recorded in quantitative measures or counts, organized in a table, and presented in a graph if possible. You should also describe your observations and findings with words.

I am available this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for after school work in the park. You may check out materials and work on your research with a parent supervising.

Posted by Mrs. Carroll

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