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MLA citations for your Bibliography

Here is another site for you to use when revising your bibliography to turn in to me on Monday.

Mrs. Worthington sent this link to me and I thought it might be useful. Look for the general formatting information at the end of the examples.


posted on: December 10, 2006

Grades and Make-up work

Please check iParent to see the current grade report.

Several students are working on missing assignments and need to turn them in asap. I am available on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week after school until 5:15 for students to take a test, make up a lab activity, or get help with assignments.

posted on: December 10, 2006

Grades Updated

Please check iParent for the updated grades for this term. They were posted Friday P.M.

posted on: October 27, 2006

End of term approaches

All students who have zeros should plan to stay for extra help this week from 4:20-5:15. Parents please check to see averages on iParent.
All make - up work is due on or before Monday, October, 9th.

posted on: October 02, 2006

Play the Incredible Megacell Game

Here is a fun way to review those organelles ...again.

Organelle Game

It took me a while to figure it out, but I got better at the end. I bet you can beat my score of over 3 minutes.

posted on: September 25, 2006

Duke Talent Identification Program

The Duke TIP registration information was distributed to all students in gifted/AC classes in 7th grade. Any students who are interested in taking the SAT or ACT as 7th graders need to pay attention to the registration deadlines for the various tests.

The postmark deadline for the Dec. test date is Oct. 2, 2006. and the final postmark deadline for all other test dates is Nov. 1, 2006.

posted on: September 25, 2006

Grades updated- No work left behind help session

Grades were updated this weekend. Several students have missing assignments. This is unacceptable and very damaging to your average. Please make arrangements to stay after school from 4:20-5:00 on Tuesday (9/26) and Thursday (9/28) to work on the missing assignments.
I will update the grade report with the Egg-speriment as I finish each class. Please check for updates.

posted on: September 25, 2006

Evaluation of Science Journals

Science journals were recently evaluated. Here is some feedback about grading. Grades will be posted today.

Evaluation Feedback On Your Journals-2

posted on: September 07, 2006

Welcome Back!

I hope that my science class will be a great and fun learning experience for you this year.

posted on: August 10, 2006

Summer Fun!

Hi everyone,
Summer vacation has finally arrived and I am missing my homeroom and all of my science students. Lunch seems so lonely without my lunch bunch class. What's everyone up to? How will I begin my morning with out greetings from my students? Is everyone having fun? Will I have students next year that I will enjoy as much as this year's students? Probably not, but I am still hoping so.

You were a great and fun class and you accomplished much. Independent study projects, wildlife documentaries, Jekyll fun, lichens, pig dissection, etc. are all strong memories. You finished the year well with awesome end of year test scores. I hope that you are having fun in the sun and getting lots of exercise and relaxing. Enjoy your time off and I hope to see you all at school next year.
L. Carroll

posted on: June 06, 2006

Global Warming Expert to speak at Fernbank

Some of my students have researched Global Warming as a current issue that is having an effect on the Antarctic environment. Here is a great chance to learn more about it from an expert. Check out the details that are given below.
Fernbank Museum hosts Dr. Tim Flannery in a special lecture on Monday, March 27 at 7 p.m. Author of the new book
The Weather Makers: How Man Is Changing the Climate and What It Means for Life on Earth ( Atlantic Monthly Press, $24), Dr. Flannery will address some of the hottest topics facing today’s world population. Dr. Flannery, who was recently profiled in The New York Times (“Twin Paths to the Conclusion Climatic Change Is Real,“ February 27, 2006), will combine historical facts, scientific data and personal observations to illustrate how changing weather patterns have affected the planet and discuss constructive solutions that address these changes. A book-signing will follow the lecture.

posted on: March 20, 2006

Free Summer Opportunity at UGA

Are you interested in a bilingual environment? Here is the program for you. County and state gifted coordinators have forwarded information to me about this wonderful opportunity. You do not have to be bilingual to participate.

A Bilingual Summer Program in Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing for
Gifted Middle School Students- what a wonderful program, and it is FREE!
Please pass the announcement along to those who might be interested.

Vamos a la Universidad at The University of Georgia

¡Vamos a la Universidad!

A Bilingual Summer Program in Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing

for Gifted Middle School Students

The University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education


Phone: 706-542-6473

40 students will be selected for this program

Applications due May 1, 2006

Dates: July 9-16, 2006. This is an 8-day residential program at the
University of Georgia. Staff will be on hand July 8th for parents who wish
to bring their children up a day early to visit Athens and UGA.

Cost: Tuition, university housing, and meals are free to participants.
Location: University of Georgia Campus, Athens.

WHAT will participants do?

The bilingual program offers fun, exciting, and academically challenging
activities focused on critical thinking, logic, critical reading and
writing. The young scholars live in UGA dormitories (well chaperoned) and
eat in UGA dining halls along with UGA students. Classes are taught by
certified teachers. The challenging curriculum covers college-level ideas
at a middle-school level. Integrated units include field trips to exciting
locations and many fun, stimulating activities as well as complex thinking.
This bilingual summer program for high achieving middle school students who
like being in a bilingual environment is conducted by the University of
Georgia Center for Continuing Education and funded entirely by the Jack
Kent Cooke Foundation.

WHO can apply?

Applicants for “Vamos a la Universidad” must meet all three requirements:
1. Rising 7th, 8th, or 9th grade student.
2. English/Spanish bilingual (any ethnicity) or student who likes being in
a bilingual environment.
We do not discriminate on the basis of race or national origin. Student
does not have to speak Spanish but must have high-intermediate to advanced
English skills.

3. Able to provide documented evidence of academic talent and high
potential. Students in Gifted programs are encouraged; talented students
not yet identified as gifted may also apply. Applications from rural
counties are encouraged. Examples of other forms of evidence are listed
below. If you have questions, contact Christine Burgoyne at 706-542-6473.

Only 40 students will be selected from among the applicants. Filing this
application does not guarantee acceptance into the program. Students who
are accepted into the program will also have to obtain parental permission
and sign a waiver of liability.

Linda J. Andrews
Gifted Education Coordinator
Clayton County Schools
1058 Fifth Avenue ~ Jonesboro, GA 30236
Ph: (678) 817.3096 Fax: (678) 817.3098

It is stillness in the classroom which has to be justified, not movement.
-Susan Isaacs

posted on: March 20, 2006

Another Summer Opportunity for gifted students

Here is another interesting summer program. Check it out. This one even offers a scholarship for some lucky Cobb student. The letter about the scholarship is attached. There is a web site with more information in the letter. Check it out.


posted on: March 14, 2006

Summer Programs at GaTech

Middle School Programs
- Science, engineering, mathematics, and computing enrichment camp for students entering 7th and 8th grades. Two SummerScape programs will be offered in 2006 and each will be offered 3 times.

SummerScape I Adventures In Animation- Would you like to make your own movie or game? Would you like to build a robot that can navigate an obstacle course, or sort your candy by color? At the Georgia Tech SummerScape I camp you will get a chance to do this and more. You will work with an exciting new program from MIT called “Scratch” that lets you easily create 2D games. You can take a digital picture of yourself and then add some image manipulations to have your picture 'dance' to music. You can work with “Alice” from Carnegie Mellon University, which lets you be the director of a 3D movie. You can assemble a robot with the LEGO Mindstorms Robotics Invention System and then tell it what to do. This camp is supported through the College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology.

Program Dates: Session 1. June 12-16, 2006, Session 2. June 19-23, 2006, Session 3. June 26-30, 2006
Application Fee: $10.00 (nonrefundable); Program Fee: $275.00 (Refundable up to one week prior to the start of the program.)

SummerScape II Hovering Around Tech - In the context of designing and building a variety of hovercraft, participants will learn essentials of engineering design and the physics that keeps hovercraft aloft and moving. Cutting-edge experimental educational software will be used to aid design and physics learning. Participants must be willing to be included in a research study investigating the effectiveness of the software. This camp is supported through the College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology.

Program Dates: Session 1. July 10-14, 2006, Session 2. July 17-21, 2006, Session 3. July 24-28, 2006
Application Fee: $10.00 (nonrefundable); Program Fee: $275.00 (Refundable up to one week prior to the start of the program.)

Marion C. Usselman, Ph.DSenior Research Scientist, CEISMCCenter for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics and ComputingGeorgia Institute of TechnologyAtlanta, Georgia 30332-0282Phone: 404-894-9673Fax: 404-894-9675

posted on: March 10, 2006

Progress Reports

Grades have been updated today so you can check iParent. Sorry for the delay in posting- grading independent study projects slowed me down. There are a few assignments in student lab journals that I still need to evaluate and add to my gradebook. Journals are at school so I will catch up with them next week. Progress reports go home on Wed. Please email me if you have any questions about grades.

There have been several students who have missed several days in a row and who still have not made up all of their work. Please meet with me Monday or Tuesday before school to make up tests, quizzes, or lab work. Other assignments can be done on your own and submitted for evaluation.

posted on: February 11, 2006

End of Grading Period is Near

Grades are current on I Parent and students in 3rd and 4th periods received a copy today (5th and 6th periods will get a copy tomorrow). Please check to see that the report is accurate. Students need to see me before or after school or write a note to explain any problems with their grade. There is one more test and one more project grade to be earned. A few daily grades will be recorded next week too. Stay current and finish the term strong!

The evolution unit test (Chap. 5 mostly) is tomorrow. Students who did not earn 80 or higher on the last test must do the workbook pages for chapter 5 and show them to me tomorrow.

posted on: December 15, 2005

Required registration

All students must take a few minutes to register for online access to the science and writing textbooks. The writing text component will be used to edit the science research report of background information for your project topic. It will also be used to submit your work and have your writing evaluated electronically.

Link to the site below and follow directions on the handout given in class to register as a new student. This address is not the same as given on the handout. Sorry for the confusion. Most of my 3rd period is registered; great job!

Prentice Hall registration site

posted on: December 07, 2005

Jekyll Trip

Just a Reminder...Please complete the paperwork for the Jekyll field trip. The three forms (included in the registration packet that was part of the conference folder) need to be completed and turned in along with a copy of the front and back of your child's insurance card. These four items are needed for you to be eligible to make your trip date selection. Trip 2 is filling up fast and may close out soon. Remember that Mrs. Rosengren in the front office will notarize the forms for us and that insurance is available to purchase for the trip (less than $15)if you do not have a card that shows that your child is covered by insurance.

I hope that you will allow your child to participate in this fun learning experience. There were so many times that our experiences on Jekyll were brought up during the remainder of the year that I lost count.

There will be a parent meeting and more detailed information about what to pack, etc. as we get closer to our trip date.

Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions.

posted on: October 31, 2005

Welcome to my class

I am so pleased to have the opportunity to teach Ms. Larkin's third period AC science class. Today was our first meeting and Ms. Larkin and I are working together to assure a smooth transition for everyone. We are at the 4 1/2 week time in the term and progress reports are being prepared to go home on Friday. Ms. Larkin will print the progress reports to distribute this week and the grades will be entered and become a part of my grades this 9 weeks for each student.
Homework: You have one final item to turn in to her tomorrow- the cell city assignment.

If you have any questions, please email me.

posted on: September 13, 2005

Citation Machine

Here is a cool site to help you correctly list references. You can also get the correct form from our Mabry Media Center Blog. You will learn how to cite references in language arts classes too. We will use the MLA format.

Citation Machine

posted on: August 18, 2005

Advanced Content Science Syllabus

To read my syllabus, click on the link below.
Download file

posted on: August 09, 2005

AC Life Science Course Description

This year, students will engage in research and inquiry activities that include experimentation, data analysis, and the investigation of real world issues relevant to science and technology. Students will study the habits of mind and methods involved in the process of inquiry to gain scientific knowledge.
Students will develop the reading and technology skills needed to utilize and process science information from a variety of sources. Advanced Content students are expected to work in flexible groups as well as independently as they engage in learning tasks throughout the year.
Life science or biology is the content focus for seventh grade science. This year we will study of the characteristics of living things and the cycles and interactions between living things and their environments.
The seventh grade science curriculum, as defined by the Cobb County School District (CCSD), includes the following Power Standards relating to content:
The learner will understand that:
• biologists name and classify organisms for the purposes of communication and study
• the cell is the basic unit of life
• genes work together to create the traits of living things
• organisms and their physical environment are interdependent
• evolution is evident in the past and current diversity of organisms

Visit the CCSD website ( to view the complete list of curriculum standards for seventh grade science.
The curriculum and instructional strategies for this course are differentiated in content, pacing, process skills emphasis, and expectation of student outcomes from the typical seventh grade science course. Curriculum content has been designed for mastery and extension of state and district content standards. Advanced Science is appropriate for students who have high achievement and interest in science. The district has established criteria and guidelines that identify students who will be successful with the advanced curriculum offered in science. Students are placed in this class according to specified indicators of demonstrated exceptional ability and motivation. Students must meet continuation criteria to remain in the class.

posted on: August 09, 2005

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