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Jekyll Island Pictures

Parents and students: Here is the link for Jekyll pictures. You can also access it though and select the Jekyll 2007 photo link.
Pictures from Jekyll Island 2007

posted on: March 06, 2007

Trackstar Sites - Jekyll Island Study Trip Resources

The link below will take you to the Trackstar listing of several sites that should provide information to help you complete the question packet if you are not going on the Jekyll study trip. Remember to follow the links for even more information.

It is difficult to find information to replace the lessons that students will get while actually visiting Jekyll Island, but these resources will help you get started. Perhaps you can find useful information from other sources--even your science book. Please share if you find a great resource.

Resources for Jekyll Island Study Questions

posted on: March 05, 2007

Jekyll Information

All students should have the information that was distributed at the parent meeting on Feb. 5. Please ask for a copy if you do not have one. I do not have a digital copy to post for you. Here are a few of the important details:

Arrive at school at 5:30 A.M. on the day of your departure. That's Monday for trip 1 and Wednesday for trip 2 students. We will depart as soon as everyone has boarded and all supplies are loaded (around 6:00 A.M.)

We will return to school at 7:00P.M. on Wed. for trip 1 and Fri. for trip 2. Keep in mind that we cannot control the traffic and that is an estimated arrival time.

There are DVD and VHS tape players on our motor coaches and student are encouraged to bring (acceptable) videos from home for everyone to enjoy. Please make sure that your name is on your video so it can be returned to you and give it to the bus chaperones on the morning of your departure.

Do not bring food; unless you have special dietary needs and you have checked with me in advance. Food is not allowed in the rooms. A snack will be provided at our rest stop going to and returning from Jekyll. There is a canteen for purchasing snack foods and the regular meals at Jekyll are varied and filling.

Please try to mark all of your belongings and do not bring valuable things. Old, comfortable, clothes are fine and preferred. Dress for the weather and plan for layers. A cap is a good idea. Remember to bring your sleeping bag or bed linens and your pillow. A complete suggested packing list is available in the handout.

Your rooms will not be locked during the day and you will not be allowed to have any electronics with your during classes. Leave those cell phones, iPods, electronic games, etc. at home and have fun making new friends.

posted on: February 27, 2007

Jekyll Money update

Thank you parents for submitting money for the Jekyll Trip! I am encouraged and hopeful that we will get all the funds that are needed by the due date of Feb. 14.

Here are the answers to a few questions that I have heard from parents:
Checks should be made out to Mabry.
Students should place the checks in a payment envelope, fill out the information requested, and place the envelope with the check enclosed in the payment drop box.
School Payment Envelopes can be found in the white-board marker tray in the front of my room. Also...most teachers, front office, etc.
Contact Diane Osterfeld, the Mabry bookkeeper, if you have any questions about money for the trip.

If you have other questions, please email me. Thanks again for your support of this great learning opportunity.

posted on: January 24, 2007

Jekyll Island Trip Podcast

This podcast is a brief overview of last year's Jekyll Island trip.

posted on: October 26, 2006

Jekyll Island Trip paperwork

All students received their Jekyll information packets today in class. Parents are getting this handout in their conference folders that details which classes are assigned to go on each trip. Please contact your science teacher if you have any questions. Jekyll is a wonderful learning experience and we hope that all students are planning to attend.


posted on: October 16, 2006

Another Jekyll Post

I want to thank the parents who encouraged their children to participate in our fun learning adventure on Jekyll Island last week. It was a blast. I hope that you enjoyed the pictures and stories. Your children were wonderful and you should be proud. As we continue our studies of animals and ecology this month, it is evident that we will have many more Jekyll examples to refer to. You would not believe the list of animals that students could recall from their lessons and that we discussed in class on Monday.

A message from our nurse, Caroline Waters- Please pick up your left over medications from the trip (in the clinic). They will be disposed of if you do not pick them up before the end of the year..

posted on: February 28, 2006

Jekyll science class resources

Visit the following track to find information to help you complete the science assignment for Jekyll week.

Jekyll science sites

Links to these 15 sites can be found on the left side of the page.

posted on: February 19, 2006

Jekyll Blog

To check out what is happening at Jekyll this week, go to and choose Jekyll Blog on the front page or go directly with the link below:

Parents can comment on each post by clicking comments underneath a post.

posted on: February 18, 2006

Getting ready for Jekyll Trip

I am getting ready for my field trip to Jekyll and it is cold and rainy outside. The long range forecast looks pretty good, but that is just a forecast. It is better to be imagine going to all of your outdoor classes in weather conditions like we have this weekend. Rainy? Windy? Cold? Occasionally, part of a class is done in a classroom, but mostly we go outside, rain or shine.

Check over your packing list and start gathering your items to pack this weekend. Remember to include a waterproof outer layer (a cheap poncho works) and several layers for warmth. Remember a warm hat and gloves too. Looking stylish is not important, staying warm and dry is! Do not go shopping for all new stuff, borrow from family members, if you can.

Wouldn't it be great if we prepared for awful weather and had warmth and sunshine instead? I'm hoping for clear skies.

posted on: February 11, 2006

Jekyll Trip

Any student medications for the Jekyll trip need to be given to the nurse in the original container. Please do this by Monday.

Pack for cold and rainy weather- It is better to be prepared than not (see suggested packing list). Also, remember to label your duffel and sleeping bag container as well as your clothing and other items.

Please email me if you have any questions.

posted on: February 10, 2006

Jekyll Island Trip Information

At the meeting tonight, parents were given the following information about the Jekyll trip:

Jekyll Island Trip Information
Jekyll handout

posted on: January 19, 2006

Jekyll Parent Meeting

There will be a Jekyll Parent Meeting this Thursday night, Jan 19th, in the Mabry auditorium. It will begin at 6:00pm and end around 6:45. A short chaperone meeting will follow. If you are unable to attend the meeting, students will bring home the handouts from the meeting on Friday. The meeting is to give you information about the trip and includes a Q & A session for questions relating to the group. If you have any concerns specific to your child, please email me. Students are sorted into trips but have not been assigned rooms, busses, or groups... yet.

A final payment of $80 is due. Rooming requests will be taken from students in the next few weeks, and teachers will assign the learning groups and busses.

posted on: January 18, 2006

Jekyll Trip

Almost all of my students have submitted forms for the Jekyll trip. I do have a few who have not. If you are still interested in going and are worried about the funds, please go ahead and submit your forms. The money is not required to register for the trip.

posted on: November 15, 2005

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