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Classification Unit (animals) Test

Thursday is the test over animal classification. Please review the sections (most of 4 chapters) that were assigned for reading and lessons.

Remember that I am allowing you to use your vertebrate comparison table, the study guide on mollusks and arthropods, and the visual organizers that you created for cnidarians, sponges, and 3 worm phyla. Of the 9 major animal phyla, you have a written resource on 8 of them to use during the test. There will be a few questions about phylum Echinodermata so review those pages in your book.

You may work on presentations following the test.

I will collect the Owl Pellet Lab activity and your bone cards tomorrow. Please review your answers to see that you have it completed.

We will watch our iMovies on Friday and you may bring a movie snack to enjoy if it is not too messy.

posted on: May 09, 2007

Video Project timeline

Student teams should complete the clean recordings of the voice over and download the desired clips from the server by Friday. Continue to edit your movie to marry the audio and video components.

A clean, edited copy of the script and bibliography with your team's rubric should be in your team folder at this time.

Please make a decision about your music by next Monday. You may bring in CDs, use some of the free share music that is available, or record your own music track in Garage Band.

The artistic impact and message of your movie can be enhanced with the "right" music, so give it some thought.

The Title and Credits should be added to go with the music track. Do not use last names of students in your credits and remember to credit your music and video sources.

Your project should be finished by Thursday (3/29) with a little time left on Friday for final editing (just a few tweaks), completing the self evaluation using your rubric, and copying to my external drive.

This research project counts as test grade.

posted on: March 22, 2007

Wildlife Documentary Film Project

Students have been busy in the Maclab looking at video clips (provided on our server), researching, and writing the script for their wildlife documentary film.

The typed script and bibliography are due on Friday (4th period only may turn theirs in on Monday, if more time is needed). Please double line space your script.

Here is the rubric for this project.

Wildlife Rubricdocumentary Video

Project introduction information handout:

2007 Wildlife Video Project

posted on: March 15, 2007

Wildlife Documentary Project Links

African wildlife resources

Antarctica resources

posted on: March 12, 2007

Wildlife Movies Selected for Mabry Oscar Night

Congratulations to all of my students who worked so hard the past few weeks on creating wildlife videos. All 24 movie productions were awesome and show evidence of much work.

Three of our class videos were selected to go to the Mabry Film Festival this year. They are as follows:
The Adaptations of Seals in the Antarctic by Alex L., Chris H., and Hunter H.
Antarctica/ Human Influences by James G., Shannon D., Grace R., and Jillian C.
Lionesses by Morgan P., Jaclyn P., and Stefani J.

Plans are underway to have a showing of all of our videos at the Wild Dog Film Festival (the other film festival) later this year. Parents will be invited to attend and we plan to have a fun celebration of our work. Date and details will be announced later. This Friday we will show our class videos and enjoy seeing a few from other classes.

posted on: March 28, 2006

Movies due Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big day. Our movies are almost finished. They are due Wednesday during class.
I will be here at 8:00 am Wednesday morning to allow students extra time to work on the finishing details.



posted on: March 21, 2006

Movies and more...

Students should be checking their comprehension of ecology and reviewing for their upcoming test with the questions that were assigned last week.
Pages 712-713 (17-28) These questions are due tomorrow (Tuesday).
Pages 752-753 (19-29) are due on Wednesday.

REVIEW/ Extra help session is scheduled for Thursday morning at 8:15.

The Wildlife documentaries are looking good. We are continuing to work on them through Wednesday. The finished products are due at that time.

You should have your lichen "keyed out" by Thursday. See me for help as needed during class.

posted on: March 20, 2006

Movie update

Most student groups have recorded their scripts. Thursday will be a make-up day for those who are not yet finished. We will be working in the Language Arts Lab again tomorrow to finish this important step.

Also--- students are reminded that they should submit a final script with the works cited page (bibliography) for grading. This assignment will be posted on this grading period and the final movie project grade will go on the next grading period.

Remember to search through your CDs for anything that you think might work as your background sound. Instrumentals work great; some songs have parts that are instrumental and can be separated and used.

One last item---Please pick up your science project display boards ASAP. My room is cluttered with them and they are headed to the trash this weekend.

posted on: March 15, 2006

Wildlife Documentary Project

Student teams were assigned the new G4 iBooks this week to use for creating their wildlife documentaries during class. On Monday, they downloaded video clips and edited their scripts. Tuesday was our first chance to record the voice over/audio using the edited scripts. We are working in the language lab tomorrow to finish this task. Some teams had several members absent due to the Orchestra field trip and they will need to work quickly to finish their voice portion tomorrow.

Students received an ecology worksheet in class today that is due on Thursday. Our unit test over Chapters 22,23, and 24 is scheduled for Friday (3/24).

For Homework: Locate and bring in copies of suitable sound/music tracks for your imovie.

posted on: March 14, 2006

Wildlife Documentary Video Project

Students were organized into groups last week for our video project that continues through March 17th. Each project team will create a 2 minute iMovie that has a theme based on ecological principles that we are learning about this year in 7th grade science. The video clips that are on our server are professional quality and come from locales around the world. The tropical rainforest biome of Costa Rica, savannah biome of southern Africa and the ice biome of Antarctica are all represented in our video library.

Student teams have been working on a group research assignment that is due tomorrow. Everyone in the group should contribute to the research. This will count as a daily grade. All students are also responsible for finding an interesting and relevant periodical or journal article related to the project. As usual, write a summary and include the bibliographic citation in MLA.

Each student should have a copy of the rubric that will be used to grade the final project. It includes categories of: Scientific Thought, Theme/Message, Technical Expertise, Artistic Achievement/Overall Impact, and Teamwork.


Group Research Requirements.doc

posted on: March 06, 2006

Antarctica sites for Research

TrackStar : Tracks : View :

Check out the links on this track for more information about Antarctica.

posted on: March 06, 2006

Animal studies and Wildlife Documentaries

Monday, we discussed the characteristics and classification of members of kingdom Anamalia. Using several examples from our Jekyll island experiences we sorted organisms into the major animal phyla. We also watched a video about animals. Homework was to read pages 310-317.

We will be departing from our specific animal classification studies periodically over the next few weeks as we work on our wildlife documentaries.
Here is the overview and timeline for the project. More information will follow. For homework, please brainstorm ideas for your project and gather more information to help develop your theme.

wildlife video project

posted on: February 28, 2006

Research links for video project TrackStar : View Track Member in Text

TrackStar : View Track Member in Text :

Here are some useful links for your research. Please let me know if you locate a great source and I will post it for others to use.

posted on: February 28, 2006

Wild Dog Film Festival

Monday night was great fun.  Congratulations to all participants and winners!

The winners of the events were:

Best Scientific Thought- "Wild Dogs of Africa"

Best Theme and Best Picture- "Small Mammals of Panama, Curious Coastal Critters"

Best Technical Achievement - "Interdependence in Nature"

Best Artistic Achievement - "Marine Biome: Interdependence and Adaptations"

The student emcees did a great job last night and deserve a congratulations too!

Mabry_wild_dogs2005_005       Mabry_wild_dogs2005_006

posted on: May 17, 2005

Wild Dog Film Festival is Monday!

Monday is the big show. Plan to be there.  May the best dog win!

Monday from 6:30 until 8:00 in the Mabry theater the Wild Dog Film Festival will showcase some of our student created films this year.  Students and their families will want to come for the film competition and also the showing of the Jekyll movie.  Come join the celebration of our great year in science class.   

posted on: May 13, 2005

Oscar Night Pictures

I thought that everyone might enjoy some of the pictures from our fabulous Oscar night!

Cleanup_416_and_oscars_023_1 Cleanup_416_and_oscars_001

Cleanup_416_and_oscars_002 Cleanup_416_and_oscars_003

Cleanup_416_and_oscars_006  Cleanup_416_and_oscars_010

Cleanup_416_and_oscars_012  Cleanup_416_and_oscars_014


posted on: April 30, 2005

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