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May 26, 2007

Well, well, well. You all made it to high school. What a wonderful school year. I hope that you all are motivated to continue learning Spanish or another foreign language and do well transitioning to your step step in life(high school).
Ustedes son muy inteligentes y van a hacer bien.
¡Sigue adelante!
Remeber to continue practicing Spanish orally and by visiting:

Keep in touch by emailing me in Hawaii at:
Bohemian Rhapsody

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May 26, 2007
El fin del año

Well, well, well. You all made it to high school. What a wonderful school year. I hope that you all are motivated to continue learning Spanish or another foreign language and do well transitioning to your step step in life(high school).
Ustedes son muy inteligentes y van a hacer bien.
¡Sigue adelante!
Remeber to continue practicing Spanish orally and by visiting:

Keep in touch by emailing me in Hawaii at:
Bohemian Rhapsody

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May 10, 2007
Last few days of tutoring!!!!

If you need extra ayuda en español come and see me tomorrow at 8:15 in front of building and next week will be the last week for extra help or make-ups!
Next Wed. & Fri. at 8:15! Also next Wed. will be the last day to redeem pre-actividad points.

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Stem-changing verbs

The thing to remember with stem-changing verbs is that the nosotros form stays the same.
There are two steps for the stem changing verb.
1. Look at the stem and change the vowel o---ue, e---ie or
2. Look at the ending of the verb to determine what endings you will use. empez


yo p
tú p
ella p
nosotros p
uds. p



yo pref
tú pref
ud. pref
nosotros perferimos
ellas pref

You note cards for your project are due mañana, update your verb sheets including verbs from hoy(hint,hint), Projects are due Monday!!!! and Tu eres el profesor sheet is due Tuesday! Buenas suerte.

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May 08, 2007
La tarea

La posesión- Possession

su-his/her/its/your(formal), their/your(plural)
nuestro, nuestra, nuestras, nuestros- our

to make plural, add a “s”. mi carro(my car) mis carros(my cars)

To describe ownership expressed with “ ‘s” in English, use the construction: [object+de+subject].

my book-mi libro
John’s book-el libro de Juan

La lista de los verbos
irregular verbs ar verbs er verbs ir verbs
estar hablar comer escribir
ser mirar aprender vivir
ir escuchar beber sufrir
dar enseñar leer abrir
ver limpiar comprender recibir
tener cuidar correr cubrir
venir descansar responder dividir
decir estudiar vender
oír sacar
caer trabajar
poner lavar
salir cantar
traer bailar
querer desear

La tarea: Due mañana- 20 flash cards 50%, 20 question quiz 50%
Tu eres el/la profesor/a due next Tuesday!
Friday at least 3 big note cards for project or 5 or more small !
¡Hay una prueba mañana!
go to to study, ha, ha or for quiz ideas!!!!
Hasta mañana.

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May 02, 2007
¡Apuntes importantes!

Copy Nota gramatical en pagina 124 about los dias de la semana.


There are 3 steps to make the following expressions with ir and tener.

A. ir + a + infinitive form=
going to do something
1 2 3
modelo: Voy a nadar. I am going to swim.
1 2 3
modelo: Ellos van a estudiar. They are going to study.
1 2 3
step 1: You have to conjugate the verb “ir”.
step 2: You have to put “a”.
step 3: You have to use the infinitve form of the verb.

B. tener + que + infinitive form=
have to do something
1 2 3
modelo: Tengo que nadar. I have to swim.
1 2 3
modelo: Ellos tienen que estudiar. They have to study.
1 2 3
step 1: You have to conjugate the verb“tener”.
step 2: You have to put “que”.
step 3: You have to use the infinitve form of the verb.

los verbos: estudiar
montar en bicicleta
tomar un refresco

comprar comida ver una película tomar una clase de baile

comprar ropa
jugar los videojuegos
caminar en el parque
ir a la playa

Some of you need to come to the tutoring sessions: Fri. 8:15 & Wed. 8:15. There will only be two more weeks of tutoring! May 18th is the last day!

Spanish Projects- Due May 14th 2007. No late projects will be accepted. May turn in early.

Los proyectos finales de español

This project is an assignment to help you become familiar with the twenty Spanish-speaking countries of the world. There is México, Centroamérica, el Caribe, España, y Sudamérica. As we wrap up our successful year of learning the official language of these countries, we will further familiarize ourselves with the culture, news, geography and history.
Each student will randomly pick a country and do the research required to successfully complete this project. This is an individual project. When you have chosen your country, you cannot trade!

1. Cover 10 points
2. Title page 5 points
3. Body of paper: 4 pages typed (minimum). 14 font 55 points

Times New Roman (10 points note cards and 5 points question sheet)
A. Geography (where the country is located, what
countries surround it, physical description, etc.
B. History of the country (who were there before
los conquistadores, what happened when they arrived?
did they bring slaves, when did the country gain
it’s independence from Spain or the U.S.).
C. Current Events (who is the president or leader,
relationship with the U.S.).
D. Culture (what is the racial make of the people,
do they speak any other languages, what are their
customs, music, food, clothing, etc.).
4. Map, flag and some pictures from that country. (To be put 20 points
on a poster board, tri-fold poster board or keynote presentation used
to present to the class).
5. Bibliography page (list websites, reference books, or 10 points
books using MLA style).
Your written project must be in research format. This means that any information gathered must be written in
SENTENCE AND PARAGRAPH form in YOUR OWN WORDS. This project is due el 14 de mayo. Van a presentar el 14 y 15 de mayo, 2007. Please do not waste my time with excuses. Either your project is done and turned in on time or a 0. This project will count as 30% of your grade. ¡Buenas suerte!
PROJECTS ARE DUE__________________________________
NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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April 20, 2007

This is for the parents who do not remember or see the updated syllabus sent home back in March.
Please take note of the grade changes.

Spanish I - High School Credit

Dear Parents and Students,

Señorita Bonita


Tutoring Schedule:
Wed. & Fri. 8:15am-8:45am

The purpose of reissuing the Spanish syllabus is to bring attention to the grade percentage change. Previously, the participation category was 40% and tests were only 10%. Now that the students are comfortable with Spanish and are more prepared for high school, please note the following changes for the last quarter. Also encourage your children to continue doing homework and to attend tutoring if needed.

Description and Goals:

Spanish level I is a course designed for students with little or no previous Spanish education. The goal of this course is the development of communication skills in Spanish through continually improving Spanish language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) along with exposure to Hispanic culture and the integration of technology. The goal is for students to be able to gain access to and insights of the Spanish language and culture and use the information gained to share and present to others. This is not a lecture-based course, but rather an interactive course with a focus on learner participation. Students participate in a variety of small and large group activities reflecting the normal use of Spanish in various situations. The foreign language department at Mabry Middle School follows instructional assessment and guidelines as outlined by ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages), Cobb County School District Performance Standards and the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning. By the end of Level I, the student will exhibit Novice-Mid level proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing (ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines, 1999) 
Online Resourcesñoritabonita.html

Methodology and Learning Activities:

 The methodology and learning activities in Spanish class will consist of oral presentations, cooperative learning projects, performance based tasks such as role-playing and skits, peer writing and review, vocabulary games, song and rhyme making, web quests and other online assignments, reading groups, listening stations, games, etc.

Evaluation: Students will be evaluated based on the four core language skills as prescribed by ACTFL. 

Reading/Writing/Listening 30% - SIP goal is focused on reading and writing
Tests/ Projects 30%
Speaking (Oral exams/activities) 20%
Quizzes 10%
Homework/Participation 10% 

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be eligible for 1 high school academic credit towards a college preparatory or technical diploma. Successful completion is measured by ACTFL proficiency guidelines. 
Receipt and Acknowledgment of New Syllabus 
I acknowledged that this syllabus provides a guideline for grading, pacing and instruction and may be revised to meet instructional or class needs.  I have received and reviewed this syllabus and understand that I can earn a high school credit upon successful completion of this course.  I further understand that I am expected to participate and demonstrate proficiency in the areas of listening, reading, writing and speaking in order to be rewarded high school credit.
Student: (print)    ____________________(sign)___________________     (date) __________________   

Parent:   (print)    ____________________(sign)___________________     (date) __________________   

Please sign and return on Monday, March 19, 2007.

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¡Anuncios importantes!

¡Hola, estudiantes! Pase un buen fin de semana.

Review los verbos y escribe en tu hoja de verbos.

If you earned a 79 or less on the last examen, correct the answers for tarea
due, el 23 de abril, 2007.

Now we are almost finished with the año, but we have a lot aprender.

Upcoming important citas: notebook check due el 26 de abril

o el examen oral due el 25 de abril
o el examen de los verbos (parte 2) el 30 de abril
o la prueba de los verbos el 8 de mayo
o los proyectos del fin de año el 11 de mayo
o un repaso (review) de todo el 15 de mayo

¡El examen final will be cumulative ( meaning will include everything that you’ve learned this año!

La tarea: Tu eres el/la profesor/a due el martes, el 24 de abril. Update verb sheets, come to tutoring Wed & Fri 8:15 a.m. if you need extra help, keep up with your trabajo y tarea y estudia!!!!!!!

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April 17, 2007

¡Buenas suerte en sus examenes de CRCTs!

Recuerda a practicar sus verbos y escribir
en sus hojas de verbos.

Para su tarea: Completa la hoja de Tu eres el profesor.

Due el martes, el 24 de abril.

Los apuntes de hoy:

Los verbos irregulares

ir( to go) dar( to give) estar( to be) don't forget your acentos en estar)

yo voy doy estoy

tu vas das estas

ella va da esta

nosotros vamos damos estamos

ellas van dan estan

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April 10, 2007

Welcome back from Spring Break( Semana Santa)!
Vamos a tener un examen este viernes, el 13 de abril, 2007 en los verbos
de "AR" , "ER", y "IR". Make sure you know your verbs, subject pronouns and verb endings!!!

The situations in which you use this tense are the same both in English as in Spanish. Consequently, we are going to see some examples and we are not going to concentrate on when or when not to use this tense as you will do it intuitively if your native language is English.
This tense, EL PRESENTE, is used when you say sentences such as...

I work every day.
Trabajo todos los días.

You are working now.
trabajas ahora

She  needs my help.
Necesita mi ayuda.

The earth is round.
La tierra es redonda.

The plane leaves at 6 tomorrow.
El avión parte mañana a las 6.




How to form EL PRESENTE in 3 easy steps

 1  Take the verb in the infinitive form...






 2  Drop the infinitive ending...






 3  Add the present form ending...

(this ending varies depending on the person)










Usted - Él - Ella


















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March 30, 2007
los juegos

¡Vamos a jugar!

Click juegos to play and practice ar verbs.

¡Pase una buena semana santa!

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los juegos

¡Vamos a jugar!

Click juegos to play and practice ar verbs.

¡Pase una buena semana santa!

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March 21, 2007

Hay tarea para esta noche. Haz pagina 27
en su cuaderno de gramatica
actividades 1 y 2. Due el 22 de marzo.

Practica su vocabulario y asi se dice en pagina 113
en su libro de texto.

Vamos a tener una prueba del vocabulario de primer paso
en capitulo 4.

Click on these different links to practice! Hay juegos para practicar gustar y vocabulario juego de vocabulario
pictionary in spanish gustar vocabulary practice

!¡Hay una prueba este viernes en el vocabulario y gustar
de capitulo 4 primer paso! estudia y practica!

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March 20, 2007

Tonight copy el vocabulario de capitulo 4
primer paso de pagina 113. Escribe todo.
Practica el vocabulario!!!

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March 19, 2007
¡Vamos a estudiar!

Clase you do not know when there will be una prueba sopresa!

Estudia y practica tu español. Click aquigustar to read more about gustar and you can take a quiz
to practice by clicking aqui quiz.
¡Sigue adelante!

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March 14, 2007

el 16 de Marzo, 2007. Este viernes es una presentacion.
¡Tu eres el/profesor/la profesora! Student groups will be teaching some of the things that we have been learning.
Be prepared. This grade will count as the notebook grade & participation grade!
For those of you who are absent, there will be a make-up package for you to complete!

Padres(Parents) Look out for a revised syllabus for the last quarter on Friday! Please sign and return by Monday
el 19 de marzo, 2007. It will count as a "tarea" grade.
The grade percentages will change!!!!
Continue to remind students about tarea and 10 minutes of Spanish practice even if there is no
written homework! They can make flash cards, play games from the blog and visit other websites like:

Extra tutoring will be offered on Wed. & Fri. from 8:15-8:45.

¡Podemos hacerlo! We can do it!

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February 28, 2007
¡Vamos a practicar!

¡Hola clase! Remember practice makes perfect! Hoy vamos a practicar usando la computadora Capitulo 3- Primer paso y Segundo paso.

A. First click on this web site HRW

  • 1. Go to World languages.
  • 2. Click on Spanish.
  • 3. Click on Ven Conmigo .
  • 4. Click on Chapter 3.
  • 5. Do Primer Paso: 1. Asi se dice.
  • 2a. Telling Time
  • Segundo Paso: 3. Asi se dice
  • 4. Asi se dice

B. Do the interactive sheet and complete with the websites.Click here.

Finally let's play(Juguemos) Only play games after you have turned in your interactive sheet.

Go to my web page click hereJuegos to play games.

Recuerda-Estudia mucho!!!!!!!

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February 16, 2007
¡Pase un buen fin de semana!

¡Pase un buen fin de semana! ( Have a good weekend!)

Simply review vocabulary from Primer Paso of Capitulo 3!!!

Extra credit assignment(worth a cool cinco puntos en su examen de capitulo 3)
n honor of Black History Month research a famous Afro-Hispanic.

  • 1. Type name, origin, about 5 facts about them.
  • 2. Provide a picture.


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February 15, 2007
¡Hay una prueba mañana!!

Use the study guide given to you all today to prepare for the quiz on La hora, mañana!
Mañana we will start with the Muzzy series!!!! It is exciting!!!!!
Hasta Mañana.
Señorita Bonita.

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February 08, 2007
El Vocabulario- Primer Paso Capitulo 3

Remember, tomorrow there will be a quiz on the following vocabulary words:

el arte las ciencias las ciencias sociales la computacion el almuerzo
la educacion fisica el frances la geografia las matematicas
el descanso el aleman el coro la informatica Internet la quimica
el Web

bonus question: rewrite the list with the correct spelling of words with accents in Spanish.
Write neatly on a sheet of paper with nombre, periodo, y la fecha for 5 points extra credit on tomorrow's vocabulary quiz!!!!!!!
Turn it in at the beginning of class. SSSSHHHH its our secret for us cyber geeks!!!

Te extraño mucho-- I miss you guys alot!!!!!

Señorita Bonita

Hasta mañana!

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January 30, 2007

Practica su vocabulario, los numeros, los pronombres, y el verbo SER!!!

Los adjetivos.

gracioso/a fuerte
timido/a atlético/a
bajo/a feo/a
alto/a rubio/a
delgado/a moreno/a
tonto/a guapo/a
bonito/a antipático/a
simpático/a elegante

ser-to be
soy somos
es son

Soy divertida.
Somos unos estudiantes inteligentes.
Ella es antipatica.

Click on this to practice

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