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May 27, 2007
5/25 (Friday) Earth Science Survey

Students filled out a survey on the Earth Science Class.

Survey Earth Science.doc

Funky Dance party for the last day of school. Thirty minute classes today.
Have a great summer. I will miss you all.

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5/24 (Thursday) Comets, Asteroids, Meteors, Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe

Identify the characteristics of comets and asteroids.
Describe the formation of meteoroids.

Notes on comets, asteroids, and meteors

20.5 Comet notes-1.doc

Notes on galaxies, history of the universe, future of the universe

Ch. 21 notes-1.doc

Science Court "Inertia"
Reading Reward - 5th period - Water Rockets

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5/23 (Wednesday) Inner and Outer Planets

Identify the main characteristics of the inner planets.
Identify the main characteristics of the gas giant planets.
Compare Pluto with the other planets.

Fill in the chart with information about the inner and outer planets.

Planet Organizer-1.doc

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May 23, 2007
5/22 (Tuesday) Eclipses & Observing the Solar System

Explain what causes solar and lunar eclipses.
Explain how the heliocentric and geocentric models of the solar system differ.
Explain how the observation and view of scientists such as Kepler and Copernicus contributed to the current understanding of the solar system.
Identify and explain the two factors that keep planets in their orbits.

Check workbook p. 225-229 (3rd) & p. 225-228 (4th - 6th)
Finish notes Ch. 19 on eclipses.
Start Ch. 20 on Observing the Solar System

Ch. 20 notes.doc

Planet Organizer.doc

20.5 Comet notes.doc

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May 21, 2007
5/21 (Monday) Earth, Moon, and Sun

Identify the effects of Earth's rotation and revolution.
Explain the causes of the seasons on Earth.
Describe the causes of the moon's phases.
Describe what causes solar and lunar eclipses.

Note taking on Ch. 19.1 Earth in Space & 19.2 Phases, Eclipses, and Tides

Ch. 19 notes-1.doc

Ch. 19 Earth, Moon, and Sun.ppt

HW: Workbook p. 225-229 & Moon Phases cut-outs (3rd period)

p. 225-228 (4th, 5th, 6th periods)

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5/18 (Friday) Meteorology & Weather Patterns

Turn in Ch. 17 Notes
Test on Ch. 17 Weather Patterns
Meteorology Post-test

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May 16, 2007
5/17 (Thursday) Field Day

No academics

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May 15, 2007
5/16 (Wednesday) Ch. 17 Review

Check p. 212 in workbook
Check 17.1, 17.2, & 17.4 worksheet
Progress Reports given out
Risky Business - review game for test on Friday
Field Day tomorrow

HW: Attachment sheet - attach the notes and get a parent signature for 5 extra bonus points on your test.

Ch. 17 Attachment Sheet.doc

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5/15 (Tuesday) Review

Check p. 209-211 (1-14)
17.1, 17.2, 17.4 Review and Reinforcement Worksheets
p. 212 in workbook
Book check. Please bring in cds.

Tell me tomorrow that you looked at blog. The password is "fronts". I will give you a piece of candy.

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5/14 (Monday) Predicting the Weather

Explain how technology helps forecasters predict the weather.
Describe the types of information shown on weather maps.
Describe El Nino and its effects.

Notes on Ch. 17.4 Predicting the Weather

17.4 Predicting the Weather.doc

HW: p. 209-211 (1-14)

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May 08, 2007
5/11 (Friday) Ice Cream Lab

Ice Cream Lab - Sweat Mountain Park

Thank you to all parents who sent in items and to volunteers who helped make the ice cream!
I could not have done it without you.

Have a great weekend!

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5/10 (Thursday) Storms

Finish storm notes on hurricanes
Ice Cream plans

HW: p. 207 (10-14)

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5/9 (Wednesday) Storms


List the main kinds of storms and explain how they form.
Describe measures they can take to ensure safety in a storm.

Storm notes on thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes.
Tornado Bottles

17.2 Storms.doc

HW: p. 205-206 (1-9)

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5/8 (Tuesday) Storms

Check p. 203-204 (1-11)
Review fronts using Playdough
Check your understanding quiz on air masses
Storm video on Super Twisters with 10 facts (6th period 7 facts).

Homework: Letter regarding ice cream lab

Ice Cream letter-1.doc

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5/7 (Monday) Air Masses and Fronts

Name and describe the major air masses that affect North America.
Name and describe the types of fronts.

Notes and activities with Ch. 17.1 Air Masses and Fronts

Homework: p. 203-204 (1-11)

Take science fair projects home
Start bring all books and cds back to school.
Ice Cream on Friday. Attached is the letter about helping out.

Ice Cream letter.doc

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5/4 (Friday) Reporting and Predicting the Weather

MacLab Exercise

Edheads - Fun Weather Site plus more

Students took a pre-test, go through the exercise, and then take the post-test (the same as the pre-test).

Edheads Weather Activity.doc

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May 02, 2007
5/3 (Thursday) Weather Factors Test

Ch. 16 Test
Van de Graf - static electricity

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5/2 (Wednesday) Review for Test on Thursday

Check p. 202
Check 16.3 & 16.4
Bingo Game Review

HW: Attachment Sheet - get notes, worksheets, video notes together and get your parents to sign for an extra 5 points on the test.

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5/1 (Tuesday) Precipitation

Identify the main types of precipitation.

Check p. 198-199 (9-21)
Check 16.1 & 16.3 Worksheets for Review
Instant Snow
Hail Lab
HW: p. 202 in WB
16.3 & 16.4 WS

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4/30 (Monday) Clouds

Explain how clouds form
Describe the main types of clouds.

Check notes with PPT
Mini Cloud book

HW: p. 198-199 (9-21)
WS 16.1 &16.2

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