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August 14, 2005
8/12 Activities & Homework

On Friday, we went over the materials needed for class, sticker program, took up the student information sheet, students presented safety skits, students took a pledge by raising their right hand and signing a safety contract by the county, and students started their homework (listed below).

Materials that will be required for the class:
#2 pencils
Notebook paper
1 1/2 inch green notebook
2 mead marble composition books (one for reflective writing and one for a science project)
We will be putting the notebooks together on Monday, 8/15.

Sticker Program - In my room, I have a large candy jar. When students earn 10 stickers by being the first prepared for the day and not wasting anytime or bringing items in needed for class, or doing something nice for someone such as helping them to pick-up books that have been dropped, then they get to have something from the candy jar or pick a mystery envelope which might have a +5 on a test, +10 on homework, etc. If you can donate items such as snicker bars or any snack size candy bars, I and the kids would deeply appreciate it.

Safety - Groups took one safety rule and demonstrated it. They were very creative and we had lots of fun with this. Students also said a pledge to be safe and signed the contract. My fourth period went to the theater for most of the time to listen to Dr. Tyson about some rules such as homework, dress code, behavior etc. This period did not present the skits or receive the contract. I will catch this group up shortly.

Homework: 1)Get safety contract signed. 2)Write a letter to Mrs. Davis. First paragraph is about whether you like or dislike science, give specific reasons. Second paragraph is about yourself and your life.

Have a great weekend.

Posted by Mrs. Davis

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