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August 30, 2005
8/31-9/2 Mass and Volume

-Read and analog and digital meters on intruments used to make direct measurements of length, volume, weight, elapsed time, rates, and temperature, and choose appropriate units for reporting
various quantities.
-Read 25 books.

-Complete mass & volume labs. Discussed the difference between weight and mass.
-Discuss upcoming Yellowstone trip.
-Turn in career projects.

8/31 Wednesday
-Discussed Yellowstone Trip. Showed pictures of students at the Grand Canyon with Grand Classroom. Passed out brochures to students.
-Completed practice balance worksheet and balance lab with paper clips, pennies, and weighing something that they chose and learned how to zero a balance.
-Does air have mass? Lab - Students weighed balloons that were deflated and then inflated. This helped answer the question, does air have mass?
-Silent read.
HW: Career Project due on Thursday

9/1 - Thursday
-Students turned in Career Projects and discussed what they liked or disliked about some of the earth science careers.
-Finished mass lab.
-Compared volume and mass.
-Compared finding volume of a regular object-objects with straight sides (length x width x height) vs. an irregular object-rocks, marbles, pennies, bolt nuts(displacement method).
-Demonstration of building a density column using different fluids. We are learning about mass and volume so that they may be able to understand density and that the layers of the atmosphere have different densities.
-Practiced finding volume on paper graduated cylinder. Read how to find the volume of an irregular object by displacement and practiced exercises.
HW: Finish volume worksheet

9/2, Friday
-Volume lab - Students used water, graduated cylinder, and different irregular objects to find volume.
-Watched the Ch. 15 video from Prentice Hall.
-1st period answered the workbook pages and read section 15.3 in the book.
HW: None due to no book. Students are being registered on-line and should be able to access it by next week. Books and CD's will also be issued next week.

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