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August 11, 2006
The REALIA Museum at the GIA

Last year The Glenn Intelligence Agency launched The REALIA Museum. Thanks to Mrs. Glenn's travel as well grants from the Mabry PTSA and the Cobb County Association for Gifted, authentic cultural items from the countries we study are on display in our classroom. We have photographed and are cataloging these items to create a Virtual Museum. Why realia? It has long been used as effective pedagogy in teaching language and culture. Defined as tangible and original objects or artifacts that can be used as instructional aids, realia heightens student engagement and brings the authenticity to the classroom. Realia can also effectively be used for drama and story telling. Research as well as standards suggests that teachers should use primary sources in the classroom. Realia is certainly categorized as primary/secondary resources and brings the real world into the classroom. Below is a glimpse of items in the current GIA REALIA collection.

Teaching_with_postcards Egyptian_realia North_african_camels Vietnamese_clothing

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