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September 24, 2006
Breaking Bread, Bridging Cultures

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Did you know that studying BREAD is teaching the NATIONAL social studies standards?
The physical and human characteristics of places.
The patterns and networks of economic interdependence on Earth's surface.
The changes that occur in the meaning, use, distribution, and importance of resources.

W.O.W. We'll have a BREAD experience on October 2. Details to come soon on this site and we'll talk about our plans in class as well!
Take this quiz on simple breads of the world.
You can then scroll down and check your answers!
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Explore this AWESOME site designed for sure to read the HISTORY of BREAD

We'll be bakin, breakin' and shakin' with a cool floury mission! Breaking Bread, Bridging Cultures will take place October 2, 2006!

...You'll work in DYADS or TRIADS (2-3 students)
...A list of bread ideas, recipes, locations to buy international breads is listed below!
...You'll want to serve your bread with a topping that is traditionally used...such as jam with scones, hummus with pita, bruschetta with Italian bread, etc.
...We'll photograph your bread the day you bring it in to class
...You'll have a paragraph description ready about the HISTORY of your bread. Be ready to explain the history of your bread to your classmates.

During class we'll introduce the bread, enjoy sampling it, and listen to your story about your bread. You will type in your information on a PowerPoint or Keynote slide. We'll add your picture to a slide, too, so each class will have a slide show of international breads. YUM!

Harry's has a great selection from flat breads you would serve with hummus to brioche to foccacia, ciabatta, perhaps naan bread. Crumpets, scones, croissants, are also availble at Harry's.
If you want to be adventurous...
Try: Petra Mediterranean Grocery...on Canton Highway
The Australian Bakery on the Marietta Square (where bread may translate to meat pie...)
Douceur de France-a French bakery off Atlanta Road
DONG BANG ORIENTAL GROCERY & GIFTS is right off 41 near Southern PolyTech

Raymond suggested the European Specialty Deli on Canton Rd. and Highway 92. I've never been so I am excited! Thanks, Raymond!

We're sure many of you have other interesting resources! Please share. Hopefully you'll garner some ideas for bringing the world to your kitchen table!
If you want to BAKE, there are tons of international recipes online and in COBB ONLINE RESOURCES under CULTUREGRAMS. HAVE FUN!
REMEMBER! DO NOT bring a piece of bread for the entire class! (18-21 students in each class) Just a quarter piece for everyone is fine, and then you can introduce your FAMILY to the rest of your new bread and enjoy it at home!

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