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January 03, 2007

Announcing ASIA DAYS/DAZE! This yearly fest features Learning Centers for several days. Students will rotate through a number of exciting centers as a review for Unit 7-their study of Japan, China, Southeast Asia and India. We'll review major concepts, vocabulary, maps, primary documents, proverbs, articles, technology sites, and more! The FAVORITE part, however, is the Slice of China Cafe.
We'll set up a Cafe where parents can volunteer to cook stir fry or to serve some treats from local Chinese or other Asia restaurants. Because of the movement of students around the room for these three days it's essential to have parent assistance. Last year we had a variety of soups, Chinese dumplings, stir fry, egg rolls, yum...
We had a table set up with place mats and chopsticks. Students rotate through the cafe as well. It's a great opportunity to see your students in action in the other Learning Centers as well.
Put January 24, 25 or 26 on your calendar and look for an email regarding a sign up for items.

Posted by Mrs. Glenn

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