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April 16, 2007
April 16-20

CRCTs this week! We'll continue to study Africa and also review for Friday's Social Studies CRCT. Don't forget your online tests which should be taken by Wednesday. You should return a sheet signed by your parents.

Homework for this week is a cubing strategy-due Friday. Cubing is a great strategy to use when you are trying to help students understand a major concept. And, it's a great pre-writing activity should the teacher choose to assign a formal paper after the cubing exercise. In this instance, we're going to cube APARTHEID in Africa because it will most likely be covered on our Social Studies CRCT on Friday. Students will basically define apartheid, discuss the laws imposed and people involved in trying to fight this separateness for decades. They'll compare apartheid with other events throughout history which sought to divide rather than to unite and collaborate. They'll be reminded of lessons where civilizations flourished because leaders respected all people and focused on education and unity.

Here's a pdf on the strategy.
Download file

There are a number of examples in class that I will show the students. It's best done on a square tissue (Kleenex) box...(minus the tissue). Here are the prompts for our assignment.
Download file

NEXT MONDAY, April 23 students will have an African Map test. Test will include identifying the countries (not capitals), the Sahara, Namib, and Kalahari deserts, Sahel, Savanna. Seregenti Plain, Nile River, Mt. Kilamanjaro, Congo/Zaire River, Congo/Zaire Basin, Great Rift Valley, Atlas Mountains and Ethiopian Highlands.

In class we'll continue to work on CRCT review...this week with a PowerPoint and online games.
Students are demonstrating remarkable recall and understanding!

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