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April 20, 2007
April 23-27


AH! Back to our joyous high level learning and thinking.
We'll have the AFRICA MAP TEST on Wednesday of this week...we keep running out of time to discuss what is on the PHYSICAL FEATURES portion! Students will be given 2 maps. One to identify the countries and one to identify the physical features that will include the following: Sahara, Kalahari and Namib Deserts; the Great Rift Valley; Mt. Kenya, Mt. Kilamanjaro and the Atlas Mountains; the Nile, Orange, Niger, Zambezi and Congo/Zaire Rivers; Lake Chad, Lake Victoria and Lake Nyasa.
MONDAY we'll review the African history we covered before CRCT and begin with a History Mystery about African Trade.
TUESDAY students will learn about the African slave trade and read a primary source of one slave's experiences.
WEDNESDAY brings the MAP tests and DEAR. Students are currently working on their FINAL book report of the year in a mini-museum form. It is due on May 14.
THURSDAY topics include colonial rule and a short play; students will create a mind map of as they take notes.
FRIDAY we'll wrap up with a timeline of African history from as early as the 1600's that influenced the creation of apartheid and its eventual demise. We also have a crossword of African history terms.

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