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April 27, 2007
April 30-May 4


African Culture is incredibly interesting. This week we'll start with general traditions.
MONDAY students will kick into drama gear with dramatizations of five African folktales in the lesson, "Tell Me a Story", but first we'll examine a graph depicting Africa's diversity.
TUESDAY "In the Spirit" more closely examines some of the beliefs and practices of Africa's traditional religions.
WEDNESDAY Today we'll explore more of the history of the affects of colonialism on Africa...just not enough time to finish that last week! It's DEAR today as well...a good suggestion-start reviewing for Friday's history and culture test!
I will be OUT today at an inservice, but will review for the test tomorrow.
THURSDAY your student may come home "clicking" or speaking Swahili as we study language in Africa. We'll also study the Lemba, an African tribe with an interesting history. Homework: Crossword puzzle on history, study for tomorrow's test.
FRIDAY we'll take a test on African history and culture as studied in the past two weeks. Then we'll read more about Kente cloths, their history and related traditions. We'll look at some sites that show the various colorful patterns of this traditional Africa cloth and next week students can design their own Kente cloth. Read more about Kente on these sites.

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