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April 10, 2007
Japanese Government Review


Read more about the Japanese Government if you'd like....

Questions to study for the GREAT JAPAN EXAM include...

Name three branches of the Japanese government and explain their function:

Explain the role of the emperor.(He is a figurehead with ceremonial duties only)

U.S. legislature is Congress, Great Britain is Parliament and Japan has...(the Diet). The two houses of the Diet are...House of Representatives and House of Councillors.

Who is the current emperor? (Akihito. His father, Hirohito,was the emperor during WWI.)

Japanese government most resembles the governments of (Britain, Germany) and is a constitutional monarchy....has also be described as a parliamentary democracy.

MITI stands for MINISTRY OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND INDUSTRY and its function is to help business, by providing financial support and business advice.

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