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April 10, 2007
Japanese History Review


The most important tip for studying history is to USE YOUR CORNELL NOTES!! Reflect on these questions...

Who were the first people to inhabit Japan? (The Ainu)
What happened in 300 B.C. that greatly influenced Japan? (rice farming people called the Yayoi came to settle in Japan)
Who were Japan's first powerful rulers and when did they rule? (clan chiefs from the Yamato region around 300 A.D.)

How did the Tokugawa shogunate establish a strong central government?
(through military force and a strict caste system-the feudal system)
Discuss the feudal system in Japan, identifying the hierachy of established. Compare and contrast with the feudal system in Europe.
(Shogun,daimyo, samurai, peasant as opposed to kings,lords, knights, serfs)
What was the motivation behind the Acts of Seclusion?(Japanese were fearful that Christian missionaries would bring western ideas and change the Japanese culture, so they closed their ports for 200 years)
How did Matthew Perry’s entry into Edo Bay change the culture and government of Japan? (He brought a letter from President Millard Fillmore offering trade and friendship. The shoguns accepted his offer, but were soon removed from power and replaced by a young Meiji emperor)
What changes were brought about by the Meiji emperor and his reign?
(Westernization, an industrial revolution,a constitution)
How did the Japanese create an empire in the Pacific? (through militarism and imperialism)
During the period of militarism, what lands did Japan conquer?

What were the reasons for bombing Pearl Harbor?
For the US dropping bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima?

Discuss the Japanese constitution, explaining why it was unique and the new rights it ensured. (It ensured many freedoms including free speech and press, and voting, but it also forever renounced war)

After Japan surrendered, the U.S. occupied Japan for several years. What were the priorities for that occupation?
(To demilitarize and provide support for the new democracy and the new constitution)

Can you organize these chronologically?

_____Modern Japan
_____The Tokugawa Period
_____Pre-history, archeological records only
_____The Occupation of Japan
_____Militarism in Japan
_____The Meiji Period
_____Era of massive borrowings from China

Remember these dates!
________Acts of Seclusion
________Bombing of Pearl Harbor
________Matthew Perry arrives in Japan
________Bombing of Hiroshima
________Bombing of Nagasaki
________Potsdam Proclamation

Remember these people/groups:
Matthew Perry
Tokugawa shogun
Meiji emperors
Millard Fillmore
General McArthur
Harry Truman

Don't forget:
The Russo-Japanese War and Sino-Japanese Wars fought over Korea.
Reasons for and against bombing Hiroshima

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