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May 04, 2007
May 7-11

MONDAY we'll begin our study of African government with a lesson on the ethnic problems that African countries have had after being freed from colonial rule.
TUESDAY As we study Foreign Involvement students will be able to explain the effect that world rivalries and foreign intervention has had on the governments of independent African nations. Students will explore further to understand the effects that civil wars and ethnic violence have had on children and other civilians.
WEDNESDAY DEAR today....don't forget NEXT MONDAY our Class Museum book reports are due!!! Dissecting Dictatorships is the lesson today and we'll learn why many African countries became dictatorships in the years after colonial rule ended.
THURSDAY Emerging Democracies is the topic today as we examine how some governments are successfully moving to democracies in Africa.
FRIDAY Students will recognize similarities and differences between the Kingdom of Morocco's government and other African governments as we study this unique government. The OAU (Organization of African Unity) role in Modern Africa will also be explored.
Homework: WordSearch on Government terms

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