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May 01, 2007
Museum Book Report on Africa
Download file Our final book report will be due MONDAY, MAY 14, and is on Africa. While a couple of selections are about Egypt, most are about problems associated with apartheid in South Africa. This is a group project, although students will also be evaluated for their personal contribution. Groups should be of three or four students and they all should read the same book. The project description is attached along with a photo from last year's projects. Students will create a "museum" of artifacts and cards to be displayed against a backdrop. It's one of their favorite projects, and as you can see from years before, quite beautiful! It's a way I can remember students as well as I see their artifacts in our classroom museum from year to year.

March 22 009 (2).jpg Book selections include Mara, Daughter of the Nile by Eloise Jarvis McGraw and Beverly Naidoo's books on apartheid, Chain of Fire, No Turning Back and The Other Side of the Truth. Students may select their own book for approval from me. It is important to remember that these books are not selected for their reading level, but for the historical and cultural content.

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