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Museum Book Report on Africa
Download file Our final book report will be due MONDAY, MAY 14, and is on Africa. While a couple of selections are about Egypt, most are about problems associated with apartheid in South Africa. This is a group project, although students will also be evaluated for their personal contribution. Groups should be of three or four students and they all should read the same book. The project description is attached along with a photo from last year's projects. Students will create a "museum" of artifacts and cards to be displayed against a backdrop. It's one of their favorite projects, and as you can see from years before, quite beautiful! It's a way I can remember students as well as I see their artifacts in our classroom museum from year to year.

March 22 009 (2).jpg Book selections include Mara, Daughter of the Nile by Eloise Jarvis McGraw and Beverly Naidoo's books on apartheid, Chain of Fire, No Turning Back and The Other Side of the Truth. Students may select their own book for approval from me. It is important to remember that these books are not selected for their reading level, but for the historical and cultural content.

posted on: May 01, 2007

March 19-23: Mission to Africa


We'll be in the MAC lab all week exploring Africa! Since our CRCT is a month away and spring break is in between, we'll have an overview of all of Africa, then go into each area in more depth after and during CRCT.

This week students will divide into groups, each take a chapter and develop a PowerPoint and newsletter to teach their classmates about the history, culture, government and economic of Sub-Saharan Africa. We'll cover East and Equatorial Africa, West Africa and South Africa. There will also be a special project assigned to each group. Group members will divide the duties.

Resources are available at the official site of Glenn Intelligence Agency resources! We'll be using the Africa folder for our projects!

I will also be provided students print resources and a library of photographs for their work.

posted on: March 13, 2007

Mapping the Middle East


This project is due Wednesday, February 14. Students will create their own map of the Middle East and North Africa according to the attached directions. PLEASE NOTE THESE DIRECTIONS HAVE BEEN UPDATED SINCE FIRST POSTING. THE ATLAS AND ZAGROS MOUNTAINS HAVE BEEN ADDED!

Download file

posted on: January 30, 2007

Middle East Book Report 2007


Download file
Due date will be Friday, March 16.
This book report contains elements that are taught in 7th Grade Language Arts classes. Please refer to your book list for suggested titles. We have very few available in the classroom. I've contacted the Media Center to gather what they have-first come, first serve.
Here are some suggestions from our book report brochure, but there are many others available. Just check at your public library! Juvenile historical fiction from the Middle East.
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posted on: January 28, 2007


Announcing ASIA DAYS/DAZE! This yearly fest features Learning Centers for several days. Students will rotate through a number of exciting centers as a review for Unit 7-their study of Japan, China, Southeast Asia and India. We'll review major concepts, vocabulary, maps, primary documents, proverbs, articles, technology sites, and more! The FAVORITE part, however, is the Slice of China Cafe.
We'll set up a Cafe where parents can volunteer to cook stir fry or to serve some treats from local Chinese or other Asia restaurants. Because of the movement of students around the room for these three days it's essential to have parent assistance. Last year we had a variety of soups, Chinese dumplings, stir fry, egg rolls, yum...
We had a table set up with place mats and chopsticks. Students rotate through the cafe as well. It's a great opportunity to see your students in action in the other Learning Centers as well.
Put January 24, 25 or 26 on your calendar and look for an email regarding a sign up for items.

posted on: January 03, 2007

China Book Report Brochure


The next book report is due on December 8 and is a book report on China. I will loan first come/first serve a number of selections available in my personal library. There are also copies of books in the Media Center or public library. Click here to review the GIA Reading Brochure with suggested readings for China. There are instructions attached on making your brochure. Font size should be 10-12 and a readable font. Titles can be larger and in bold.
Download file
Click here to download a copy of the instructions for creating a Brochure Book Report, although students will be provided with one.
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posted on: November 25, 2006

Making Your MON Crest


This is a MINI-project, but such FUN!
In Japan, the MON crest represents a family and their name, perhaps including some history. In this mini-project,you'll create a crest to represent YOUR family name. The materials are simply different colors of construction paper. Click on these links to read about the MON crests and view some samples. Your crest is due Friday, October 20. Use one color of construction paper as the background, cut out the second piece of paper in a contrasting color. Select a SIMPLE design that represents your family, then glue that on the larger piece of construction paper.

posted on: October 14, 2006

Help with Writing Your Five Paragraph Essay

On Tuesday, October 17, your typed five paragraph essay is due along with your note cards and rough draft. This is a one day extension from the original assignment. Your paper should be typed double spaced (so I can make corrections). There should be an introductory paragraph with five-seven sentences, three paragraphs (four is acceptable) with five to seven sentences that detail the position you are taking and note the reasons. Your conclusion should be a summary paragraph of five to seven sentences.

Click below to assist in building your thesis, or opening statement.

Thesis Builder

Citation Machine will assist you in organizing and citing your resources correctly. Use the MLA style. You can also find this information on the Mabry Middle School Media Center blog as Mrs. Hendrix instructed you.

Citation Machine

Five Paragraph Essay Wizard

Five Paragraph Essay Assistance

The above links will assist you in finishing your essay.

posted on: October 11, 2006

To Bomb or Not to Bomb

Race to build the atomic bomb


Sound file of the news of dropping the bomb

Click here to read about Truman's Decision to bomb Japan

Hiroshima: Survivor's Story

Sadako and Ten Thousand Paper Cranes

Atomic Museum

Atomic Archive

Avalon Project at Yale Law School

posted on: October 10, 2006

Japan Book Report


Click here to listen to Japanese garden music.
Download file
This was assigned two weeks ago and students were given all materials at that time. Here's a posting for your reference.
Students read five books this year, which count toward their total ofat least twenty five books for 7th grade. They will complete a different book report, assigned by the GIA, for each book read.

Our first book report is on Japan and is due November 2. Attached is a more detailed list of suggested titles and a description. Other titles can be used if approved by the CEO!
Download file
Here's the scoop on creating your beautiful scrapbook report!
Download file
Japan Scrapbook Rubric can be downloaded here:
Download file

posted on: September 30, 2006

Breaking Bread, Bridging Cultures

Double click on the picture for a closer look!
Did you know that studying BREAD is teaching the NATIONAL social studies standards?
The physical and human characteristics of places.
The patterns and networks of economic interdependence on Earth's surface.
The changes that occur in the meaning, use, distribution, and importance of resources.

W.O.W. We'll have a BREAD experience on October 2. Details to come soon on this site and we'll talk about our plans in class as well!
Take this quiz on simple breads of the world.
You can then scroll down and check your answers!
Download file
Explore this AWESOME site designed for sure to read the HISTORY of BREAD

We'll be bakin, breakin' and shakin' with a cool floury mission! Breaking Bread, Bridging Cultures will take place October 2, 2006!

...You'll work in DYADS or TRIADS (2-3 students)
...A list of bread ideas, recipes, locations to buy international breads is listed below!
...You'll want to serve your bread with a topping that is traditionally used...such as jam with scones, hummus with pita, bruschetta with Italian bread, etc.
...We'll photograph your bread the day you bring it in to class
...You'll have a paragraph description ready about the HISTORY of your bread. Be ready to explain the history of your bread to your classmates.

During class we'll introduce the bread, enjoy sampling it, and listen to your story about your bread. You will type in your information on a PowerPoint or Keynote slide. We'll add your picture to a slide, too, so each class will have a slide show of international breads. YUM!

Harry's has a great selection from flat breads you would serve with hummus to brioche to foccacia, ciabatta, perhaps naan bread. Crumpets, scones, croissants, are also availble at Harry's.
If you want to be adventurous...
Try: Petra Mediterranean Grocery...on Canton Highway
The Australian Bakery on the Marietta Square (where bread may translate to meat pie...)
Douceur de France-a French bakery off Atlanta Road
DONG BANG ORIENTAL GROCERY & GIFTS is right off 41 near Southern PolyTech

Raymond suggested the European Specialty Deli on Canton Rd. and Highway 92. I've never been so I am excited! Thanks, Raymond!

We're sure many of you have other interesting resources! Please share. Hopefully you'll garner some ideas for bringing the world to your kitchen table!
If you want to BAKE, there are tons of international recipes online and in COBB ONLINE RESOURCES under CULTUREGRAMS. HAVE FUN!
REMEMBER! DO NOT bring a piece of bread for the entire class! (18-21 students in each class) Just a quarter piece for everyone is fine, and then you can introduce your FAMILY to the rest of your new bread and enjoy it at home!

posted on: September 24, 2006

Kids Web Japan

Click to listen to a Japanese lullaby
Download file

hi-tech_over.gifsay-it_over.gifculture_over.gifExplore Japan.gif
Explore online with Kids Web Japan, a delightful site which will move through myriad cultural, historical,and technological aspects of Japan. Students will complete a THINK TAC TOE or Choice Board of activities in partners. Choices involve selecting from a variety of software programs to create a brochure, a table, a scavenger hunt or other items to document their learning. MAC Lab September 25, 26, 27! Download your assignment here!


Visit KIDS WEB JAPAN by clicking below. Don't have TOO much fun!

posted on: September 14, 2006

The REALIA Museum at the GIA

Last year The Glenn Intelligence Agency launched The REALIA Museum. Thanks to Mrs. Glenn's travel as well grants from the Mabry PTSA and the Cobb County Association for Gifted, authentic cultural items from the countries we study are on display in our classroom. We have photographed and are cataloging these items to create a Virtual Museum. Why realia? It has long been used as effective pedagogy in teaching language and culture. Defined as tangible and original objects or artifacts that can be used as instructional aids, realia heightens student engagement and brings the authenticity to the classroom. Realia can also effectively be used for drama and story telling. Research as well as standards suggests that teachers should use primary sources in the classroom. Realia is certainly categorized as primary/secondary resources and brings the real world into the classroom. Below is a glimpse of items in the current GIA REALIA collection.

Teaching_with_postcards Egyptian_realia North_african_camels Vietnamese_clothing

posted on: August 11, 2006

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