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May 19, 2006
Pre-Alg. 5-19-06

1.) I shared their Diagnostic Test results.

2.) Took our 33rd Timed Mult. Test. SEE ME on Monday to make it up!!

3.) D.E.A.R.

4.) A.M.

PW: STUDY/PRACTICE for next week's FINAL!! Best way to "Review" is >(a) Problems in text book (b) Notes taken in all chapters throughout the year (c) Tests/Quizzes that have been returned to you and were to be placed in the test sect. of your 3-ring binder

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May 18, 2006
Pre-Alg. 5-18-06

1.) Tuesday's HW was collected. Be sure to TURN IT IN, if you were not in Math today!

2.) Ch. 11's MAJOR TEST was taken. SEE ME if you were not present to take this test! You MUST MAKE IT UP, IMMEDIATELY!!!

3.) Read silently.

PW: Be sure to "round up a book" to bring and read in class tomorrow during D. E. A. R. Since our Media Center is closed to checking out books, look through your house, run by Mtn. View Library, take a trip to the book store, etc..., if needed.

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Pre-Alg. 5-17-06



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May 16, 2006
Pre-Alg. 5-16-06

1.) Took the "Diagnostic" Math Test that the county requires we give.

2.) When students completed and turned in their Diag. Test, they were to work on/complete last night's Review WSheet, if necessary. All of these Review problems are DUE THIS THURSDAY!

3.) Read, silently

PW: Continue practicing Ch. 11 problems from the sections we covered in order to strengthen your preparation for THIS THURSDAY'S Ch. 11 MAJOR TEST
**Even though Field Day is tomorrow, you still MUST PRACTICE TONIGHT as well as WEDNES. NIGHT for this Thurs.' Ch. 11 TEST

REMEMBER: FIELD DAY for 7th gr. = TOMORROW (Wed., 5-17-06).

Suggestions = Beach towel, Sunscreen, Bottled water or Sports Drinks, Sun glasses, Hat, etc....

Do NOT Forget: a) Coolers w/ Ice, if you volunteered to bring for your HR team
b) Do NOT cut/rip, etc... the shirt you wear [Dr. Tyson's order!]

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May 15, 2006
Pre-Alg. 5-15-06

1.) Returned the Ch. 11 Quiz to each child for them to keep in their notebook and use as a "Study Guide" to help them see which types of problems are their weakness.

2.) Returned and Re-Collected Timed Mult. Test

3.) A Review WSheet that had specific problems identified as to what types will be on the MAJOR CH. 11 TEST, which is THIS THURSDAY.
[The test date had to be moved from tomorrow to Thursday.]

PW: (a) Complete all the problems recorded on the WSheet I gave you. This Work is DUE TOMORROW!! Be sure to COMPLETE it!!

PRACTICE!PRACTICE! all of the types of problems that will be on the Ch. 11 TEST, which is THIS THURSDAY. Use your Notes, odd #ed problems, your Ch. 11 Quiz, etc.... as a guide to what you MUST be able to do well on the Ch. 11 TEST!

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May 11, 2006
Pre-Alg. 5-11-06

1st and 2nd pds.:
1.) Notes w/ the use of a Quadrilateral Chart (copy, from classmate, if absent)

2.) Checked and Collected last night's PW (turn in, if absent)

>>>It will only include the notes we've covered in this chapter.<<<

3rd and 4th pds.:
1.)Completed Notes 11-7, with additional use of a Quadrilateral Chart (copy from classmate, if absent)

PW: a) Complete WB pg. 97 (omit problem #9) **DO ON NOTE BOOK PAPER**

>>>It will only include the notes we've covered in this chapter.<<<

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May 10, 2006
Pre-Alg. 5-10-06

1st and 2nd pd. classes:
1.) Notes 11-7 were taken. COPY FROM CLASSMATE, if you were ABSENT.

PW: WB pg. 97 ALL problems

3rd and 4th periods:
1.) Notes 11-7 were started. We covered approx. half of the material (will be completed tomorrow) COPY FROM CLASSMATE, if you were ABSENT!

PW: WB pg. 97 #10 - 15 ALL of these 6 problems

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May 09, 2006
Pre-Alg. 5-8-06

1.) A. M.

2.) D.E.A.R.

**The young man and young woman in my 4th pd. class MUST return their signed Progress Report TOMORROW. It would be a sad thing for their conduct grade to drop during this last nine weeks due to not maintaining the responsibility they, both, obtain.

PW: None

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May 04, 2006
Pre-Alg. 5-4-06

1.) I'm still collecting Prog. Reports. If you are one of the 4 children who "keeps forgetting," please see that you bring it in TOMORROW!

2.) "Order of Operations" (involving creativity) was worked on in class. Be sure to COMPLETE IT TONIGHT, since it is DUE TOMORROW!

PW: (a) Complete CW/WSheet (due tomorrow)
(b) Get your Progress Rept. signed and returned to refrain having to interact w/ the "Infractions" Book.

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May 02, 2006
Pre-Alg. 5-2-06

PROGRESS REPORTS were collected. (15 have still not been returned to me. NOTE: If the Report has been lost, go to I-Parent and print a new copy.) I do not want the student's to deal w/ the Infractions involved due to forgetting to have this signing and returning done!

We REVIEWED the Review WSheet from last night. It will be collected tomorrow. A corrected WSheet was allowed to return home for more practicing/studying for TOMORROW'S QUIZ.

Ch. 11's QUIZ had to be post-poned from today (Tues.) to TOMORROW (Wednesday). PRACTICE!!!!

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May 01, 2006
Pre-Alg. 5-1-06

1.) Collected Progress Reports, which went home last Friday. They MUST be returned to my class by tomorrow so Infractions will not need to be entered.

2.) Returned/Re-Collected Timed Mult. Test

3.) Discussed the "Part of the Park" "Reward" for those who meet the requirements on TOMORROW'S Ch. 11 QUIZ.

4.) Practiced "Measuring Angles" w/ protractors.

5.) Began the Ch. 11 "Review WSheet" for TOMORROW'S QUIZ!

PW: a) Complete the Review Wheet (due tomorrow)



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April 27, 2006
Pre-Alg. 4-27-06

1st and 2nd pds.:

1.) Checked and Collected PW (turn in if I did not receive it from you today)

2.) Explained and began "Angle Art" assignment

PW: Complete "Angle Art" assignment, following the exact directions of "requirements" (due tomorrow)

3rd and 4th pds.:

1.) Completed Notes 11-3 (Copy from a classmate, if absent)

PW: Pg. 565 #18 - 30 evens only.

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April 26, 2006
Pre-Alg. 4-26-06

1st and 2nd pds.:
Completed Notes 11-3 (Copy them, if absent)

PW: Pg. 565 #18 - 30 even

3rd and 4th pds.:
Worked on Notes 11-3

PW: None this evening, since we were unable to cover all of the material

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April 24, 2006
Pre-Alg. 4-24-06

1.)Last Friday's Timed Mult. Tests were returned and re-collected. See me, if absent.

2.)The Chap. 9 Quiz and Test were returned w/ requested changes made.

3.)More Ch. 11 Notes were taken re: Triangles, Angles, .... Be sure to copy these, if you were absent!

[2nd period's class time availibility made it possible for them to view a short video on "Angles."]

PW: (for 1st, 3rd and 4th periods):
Complete WB pg. 94 that was started last week. The entire WB pg. will be checked tomorrow. IT IS TO BE DONE ON NOTEBOOK PAPER!!

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April 21, 2006
Pre-Alg. 4-21-06

**No Agenda on board today

1.) Took Timed Mult. Test. Make it up, if absent

2.) Returned "EC Pts." card and had students document how they'd like to use these to their benefit.

PW: Do NOT lose/misplace last night's WB pg. 94 assignment. It will be completed and checked on Monday.

**Since CRCT Testing is over, that "pressure" is complete, but remember: SCHOOL IS NOT OVER YET! Come on Monday prepared to give our last 25 school days your full effort!!!

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April 20, 2006
Pre-Alg. 4-20-06

1.) Notes over sect. 11-4 were covered, completely, in 2nd pd. and approx. 90% in the other 3 classes. Copy, if absent!

PW: 2nd pd. WORK BOOK pg. 94 ALL problems

1st, 3rd and 4th periods: You'll be able to complete over 2/3 of this same above assignment and you are expected to come to class w/ these particular questions done!!

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April 19, 2006
Pre-Alg. 4-19-06

1.) I returned and re-collected last week's Ch. 9 Major Test, after we discussed the problems.

2.) I returned and Re-collectd last week's Timed Mult. Test.

PW: Continue to come RESTED and PREPARED for the CRCT (Science) Testing that is tomorrow.

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April 18, 2006
Pre-Alg. 4-18-06

Assignments were not listed on board, again, today for the same reason(s) as yesterday. However...

1.) More "REVIEW NOTES" FOR REFRESHING the memory were taken, again, to assist in the preparation for TOMORROW'S CRCT MATH TESTING!!!

PW: PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! from ALL of this year's materials. Use ALL of the notes we've taken as a guide. Solving the ODD #ed problems in the text is another great way to PRACTICE (since those problems' answers are in the back of the textbk).

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April 17, 2006
Pre-Alg. 4-17-06

Agenda was NOT written on the board to be copied due to shortened classes (thanks to the CRCT taking over 2 1/2 hrs. of our day), but we...

1.) Reviewed, with Note-taking, misc. items the students will be expected to do on this Wednes.' Math CRCT.

PW: ***The kids have been encouraged, greatly, to take their Math materials home in order to REVIEW THE MATERIALS WE HAVE COVERED ALL YEAR!

REFER TO LAST FRIDAY'S NOTES re: Hints for how to come prepared for the CRCT Testing each morning!!

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April 14, 2006
Pre-Alg. 4-14-06

1.) Took Timed Mult. Test. Make it up if you were not in class today.

2.) We began our Review Notes for next week's CRCT testing. COPY, if absent.

PW: Continue to REVIEW from your Notes that we've taken throughout this school year. PRACTICE!! This will help "jog your memory."



b) BE ON TIME, ALL WEEK! (CRCT Tests are right after announcements!


d) Bring at least 2 #2 WOODEN PENCILS (Mechanical Pencils won't cooperate!)

**Have a nice week-end! Remember that the Easter Bunny is watching!

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