Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years. Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years.

"Flowers for Algernon" continued:

1st, 6th, 7th hours: Stopped before April 22nd entry
3rd hour: Stopped before April 9th entry

Students are to answer the questions written on the board, and in addition, they are to rewrite correctly the March 29th entry.

1. List two examples show Charlie's growing intelligence.
2. List two examples that indicate that Charlie has not changed completely.
3. What are Charlie's thoughts about Algernon?

posted on: October 05, 2006

ACLA2 - 9/25

First draft of your persuasive essay is due this Thursday. Remember to use style builders, transitions, and follow all the requirements listed on your handout. Above all, choose the persuasive format that best suits your topic. Don't forget to review persuasive techniques and types of support listed on your "Persuasive Writing" handout or in your textbook.

posted on: September 25, 2006


After completing our DOL, we reviewed the graphic organizer for the 11 sentence paragraph. Transitions were discussed and a handout listing transitions and their signals was handed out. Students are to complete a sample paragraph using the rubric; they are to insert transitions wherever necessary.

Tomorrow we will cover concluding paragraphs and style builders. We hope to assign the first essay by Wednesday. More details on this tomorrow.

posted on: September 25, 2006

Sept. 15th


All students, except those in 2nd hour, need to complete workbook pages 49-54 as review.

Progress reports:

These will be given out on Monday. Because of the testing schedule this past week, the additional time has been necessary for grading to be completed.

2nd Hour: Don't forget to get parental permission for the response to the AJC editorial.

Everyone have a terrific weekend!

posted on: September 15, 2006

Sept. 13th

First and 2nd hrs. did not meet today.

Sixth and 7th hrs. presented their editorial cartoons to the class and took a DOL quiz.

Third hour did DOL and began the writing unit. Three handouts were given out and explanation of the new writing domains was presented. These handouts are the beginning of many that will be kept in the writing section of the language arts binder. They will be used throughout the year, and even many of our high school students have returned to tell us they still refer to them! PLEASE make sure you have a binder and the 5 dividers requested at the start of the school year.

Homework is for classes still to turn in cartoons, correct quizzes, and for 2nd hr., your editorial analysis and response to the AJC article are due Thurs. and Friday.

Have a great evening!

posted on: September 13, 2006

August 31st

There is a test tomorrow on persuasive writing. Please study the handout in your binders about persuasion.

2nd hour finished their presentations today and have no homework.

There will be no homework over the Labor Day weekend, so enjoy and have a safe and restful vacation!

posted on: August 31, 2006

August 18th

We made it to the end of the first week, and I'm pleased to report we all survived it!

Today students took the test on The Pearl and wrote their baseline essays.

All oral presentations will begin this coming Tuesday. Students who are having parents bring pets to school have been told what procedures to take.

Have a terrific week end and stay healthy!

posted on: August 18, 2006

August 17th

Test on The Pearl will be given to all classes tomorrow.

All students will write a baseline essay in class.

Dates on oral presentations will be determined as soon as we know if Performance Series testing is taking place next week. The core of the presentations have been worked on in class. Please make sure to read all of the directions and requirements!

2nd Hr.: Tomorrow we will finish literary analysis for The Pearl.

posted on: August 17, 2006

August 14th

Our first day went off without a hitch! We went over policies, procedures, and expectations. Many handouts, eighth grade and county , were given out. Some are to be returned filled out or signed by parents, students, or both. Please make sure to check all the material your child brings home tonight and go over them carefully.

A language arts syllabus was handed out and should be signed by students and parents and returned no later than Wednesday of this week.

AC Language Arts
: In order to allow this syllabus to fit on one side of the paper only, the font size was changed. In so doing, the lines messed up, and you will notice some words were incorrectly divided at the end of the lines. Rather than killing more trees and reprinting them, I explained to the students what happened and decided to keep them as such.



posted on: August 14, 2006

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