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February 12, 2007
Feb. 12 - Feb. 16

This week we are finishing the Physical Geography of North Africa and the Middle East.
We will have a Test over Chapter 17 in the text on Tuesday .
The student have a study guide to assist them along with the other work they have done to prepare.

We will also have our map quiz over the physical geography of the region on Friday Feb. 16 the test.

The students will have a map quiz over the countries and capitals on Feb. 23

Because the cultural aspects of the region effect millions of people worldwide , we will have a overview of the three major regions that began in the Middle East region for the next several days.

Wednesday is Valentine's Day !!! - please do not bring candy or balloons or other such items to school.

Next Monday Feb. 19 is President's Day and Tuesday Feb. 20 is a teacher workday - two day off from school.

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