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October 09, 2006
Cette semaine en classe - This week in class

Our main focus this week will be knowing the -er verb chart backwards, forwards, and inside out! Students have an -er verb TEST on Thursday. On Wednesday, students will be introduced to objects and verbs that we will incorporate into the study of our first verb form. There will be a review session Thursday morning for any students who want additional help with and practice for their test.

Visit Madame's Quia Home Page to practice -er verb conjugations. (FOR THE PRACTICE QUIZ, USE YOUR CLASS NUMBER AS YOUR FIRST NAME AND YOUR CLASS COLOR AS YOUR LAST NAME.) There are a few advanced sentences here - how would you conjugate a verb if the subject is a person, place or thing? We will discuss this in class tomorrow - if you can figure this out on your own, you're ahead of the gang!

Posted by Mrs. Israel-Hiles

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