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Les activités de pratique


Les nombres cardinaux
Matériel scolaire
Les jours de la semaine
Les mois de l'année
Quelle heure est-il? (Clocks three to the end don't use the 24 hour clock, but there are two correct answers for each one!)
Présent du verbe PARLER
Aller (Just the first exercise - use what you know about verb endings to help you!)
Avoir ou Être - (Try this exercise and ask yourself if these are things you "are" or "have")

posted on: March 11, 2007

Les commentaires des projets


Les sujets - C'est super! Slide 8 - give an example of Comment tu trouves...? For instance, Comment tu trouves les maths? You should probably include math and English as subjects.

Les couleurs - Add French title (LES COULEURS ET LES MOTIFS), How are you teaching different spelling/pronunciation for the masculine and feminine forms of the colors? Check spelling of "colorful" on slide 5, in play view. Your font is fun, but the accents are hard to read.

Les mois et les saisons - C'est très bien! See Madame about extra credit. Also, let's discuss capitalization!

Les jours de la semaine et les chiffres 40-60 - Bien! Your PowerPoint is clean and simple - easy to read! Your days of the week are wrong! Lundi is Monday. See Madame about capitalization. How about including days of the week in your review? Where is your review of numbers 0-39?

La nourriture.... C'est très bien! Entrée means first course (the US meaning is the main dish). Hors-d'oeuvre = appetizer. It's best to have your review concentrate on the vocabulary on pages 147 and 154.

Le vocabulaire divers - Bien! Don't forget to change your sentences to match each item!


Les activités et les sports - C'est super! A couple of fixes!

Les mois et les saisons - C'est fantastique! No changes!

Le vocabulaire divers - Bien! Un roman = a novel. Be sure you add the rest of the vocabulary.

Les couleurs - Super! Reverse your feminine and masculine colors - see Madame for explanation. Made no changes!

Le temps - C'est bien! Your words may need to be larger to be seen well when you present. "Il fait frois" is spelled wrong! (slide 5) Picture and translation for slide 6. Some sentences need periods. The End in French is La Fin. (No changes.)

Les sujets - Très coloré! In presentation mode, some lettering may be too small for classmates to read. Can you make words larger? Words on the last slide need to be a different color - too hard to read. The translation for boring is wrong!

Les objets de classe - Très coloré aussi! Your lettering is too small. Why not switch the French and English - French as the title, English smaller. This way you emphasize the French words. What about the vocabulary on page 82?

Les jours de la semaine et les chiffres 40-60 - C'est vraiment SUPER! 60 is spelled wrong! Add a credit slide!


Les jours de la semaine et les chiffres 40-69 - C'est bien! Why not do a review game to see who remembers numbers 0-39, then show the two review slides? Since you have the room, enlarge the numbers and spelling on slides with 40-69. The French for Sunday is misspelled.

Les objets de classe - C'est bien! Nice and neat! The French for ruler and marker are misspelled.

Les nombres de 61 à 2,000,001 - C'est bien! The accent on Chloé is an aigu. The French for 61 is wrong. 61-69 need hyphens. 91 is misspelled. THE END in French is LA FIN.

Le vocabulaire divers - Bien! Sébastian needs an accent aigu. Une cassette is a cassette tape. Both French and English of television are misspelled. There's a hyphen between sweat and shirt (French). The French for dictionary is misspelled. Des baskets are sneakers. Un roman is a novel.

Les sports et les activités - Bien! Add Les before both sports and activités on your title slide. There are spelling errors on slides 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 15, 18, 20. Take out the parentheses that surround -ball on slides 4, 7, 14. THE END in French is LA FIN.

Le temps - Bien! Spelling errors on slides 8, 13, 17.

La nourriture - Bien! Make the English of des crêpes plural (crepes). Un croque-monsieur is a toasted ham and cheese sandwich. Une limonade is a lemon soda (like Sprite, 7Up, etc.) The End in French is La Fin.

Les mois et les saisons - Bon! Hélène - the second e has an accent grave. Don't capitalize the French months. L'été needs to be fixed on slide 8. The End in French is La Fin.

Les couleurs - C'est super! Don't forget to look at symmetry (capitals, spacing, etc.) Accents need to be fixed on slides 16, 17, 18 (and on 18, foncé is misspelled). Jeopardy is misspelled on slide 28. There is room to make your words larger on teaching slides. This will make it easier for everyone to see your presentation.

posted on: November 26, 2006

Our Class Colors
  1. You should have your Learning Styles handout and the activity sheet (students will be taking passing these out).
  2. Click HERE.
  3. Scroll down the left sidebar and find the section "About Learning Styles Modalities" and find your learning style (Visual, Auditory, or Tactile-Kinesthetic) - it's on the handout. If you have "global" on your handout, choose any of the styles. If you have more than one style listed, choose the first one on your sheet.
  4. You will be going in and out of the subsections to complete the activity sheet.
  5. As soon as everyone is settled and we greet each other, Madame will provide you instructions for the last section of the activity sheet.
  6. The activity sheet is due at the end of class today.

Due to the difficulties posting the Food Fête instructions, your "teaching" activity will be accepted through next Tuesday.

Please note that for the work you will be completing while Madame is away, you will need loose-leaf notebook paper. Tomorrow, you will learn who is in your project group and about the project. YOU WILL SPEND WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY COMPLETING YOUR ROUGH DRAFT OF THE PROJECT.

ON MONDAY OF NEXT WEEK, YOU WILL HAVE ANOTHER -ER VERB CONJUGATION TEST. You will be learning a new verb - an irregular one, which you must memorize by Wednesday of next week! Our food day is a week from this Friday.

posted on: October 30, 2006

Cette semaine en classe - This week in class

Our main focus this week will be knowing the -er verb chart backwards, forwards, and inside out! Students have an -er verb TEST on Thursday. On Wednesday, students will be introduced to objects and verbs that we will incorporate into the study of our first verb form. There will be a review session Thursday morning for any students who want additional help with and practice for their test.

Visit Madame's Quia Home Page to practice -er verb conjugations. (FOR THE PRACTICE QUIZ, USE YOUR CLASS NUMBER AS YOUR FIRST NAME AND YOUR CLASS COLOR AS YOUR LAST NAME.) There are a few advanced sentences here - how would you conjugate a verb if the subject is a person, place or thing? We will discuss this in class tomorrow - if you can figure this out on your own, you're ahead of the gang!

posted on: October 09, 2006

Suivez les instructions suivantes...

1. Go to Madame's Quia Home Page. Play battleship. Practice numbers if you need to (0-20 will be on your quiz).

2. Go to our Textbook Online Exercises and complete the two "Comment dit-on" exercises under the 1st Step (Premiere Etape).

3. Go to our Textbook Log In Page. Log In using your new User Name and Password. Review all of the grammar and complete the activities for the 1st step (premiere etape). If we cannot get into the online version of our book, complete exercises 1 and 2 page 38 in your spiral notebook using a classroom copy of our textbook.

4. Continue to practice writing all of our vocabulary in French - use our Greetings Flashcards.

Quiz THURSDAY for all three classes.

posted on: September 26, 2006

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