Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years. Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years.
Un jour magnifique!!!

Our food day was très magnifique! Merci beaucoup to all of the students who made (and bought) such great food AND MERCI MILLE FOIS to the parents who helped at home and at school. Because we kept delaying our first food day, we may not have another one until after the winter break. We always serve crepes in January or February. We will have at least one more fest in the spring.
Thank you again to everyone who helped make our day run smoothly and deliciously!

posted on: November 14, 2006

Cette semaine en classe - This week in class

Our main focus this week will be knowing the -er verb chart backwards, forwards, and inside out! Students have an -er verb TEST on Thursday. On Wednesday, students will be introduced to objects and verbs that we will incorporate into the study of our first verb form. There will be a review session Thursday morning for any students who want additional help with and practice for their test.

Visit Madame's Quia Home Page to practice -er verb conjugations. (FOR THE PRACTICE QUIZ, USE YOUR CLASS NUMBER AS YOUR FIRST NAME AND YOUR CLASS COLOR AS YOUR LAST NAME.) There are a few advanced sentences here - how would you conjugate a verb if the subject is a person, place or thing? We will discuss this in class tomorrow - if you can figure this out on your own, you're ahead of the gang!

posted on: October 09, 2006

Learning Styles/Multiple Intelligences Worksheets

REMEMBER to finish your learning styles/multiple intelligence forms and return them to Madame tomorrow!

posted on: October 02, 2006

Je voudrais un BON-BON, s'il vous plaît!


For a bon-bon, go to our flashcard site and find the two new cards Madame added that are not yet in our notes. Write them down along with a sentence or two about the usage differences between the two new phrases. Bonne chance!!!

posted on: September 11, 2006

Practice Numbers 0-20 Online

Check out this site that Madame just found! Numbers 0-20

posted on: September 05, 2006

Pour Des Bons Points - Extra Credit

Translate the following phrases from our dictation quiz for a bonbon and 5 bonus points on a category 3 or 4 assignment. Write down your translations and give them to Madame tomorrow.

Tout ce qui brille n’est pas or.

Petit à petit, l’oiseau fait son nid.

Mieux vaut tard que jamais.

Un zèbre français a gêné une girafe hawaïenne.

posted on: August 24, 2006

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