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Cette semaine en classe - This week in class

Our main focus this week will be knowing the -er verb chart backwards, forwards, and inside out! Students have an -er verb TEST on Thursday. On Wednesday, students will be introduced to objects and verbs that we will incorporate into the study of our first verb form. There will be a review session Thursday morning for any students who want additional help with and practice for their test.

Visit Madame's Quia Home Page to practice -er verb conjugations. (FOR THE PRACTICE QUIZ, USE YOUR CLASS NUMBER AS YOUR FIRST NAME AND YOUR CLASS COLOR AS YOUR LAST NAME.) There are a few advanced sentences here - how would you conjugate a verb if the subject is a person, place or thing? We will discuss this in class tomorrow - if you can figure this out on your own, you're ahead of the gang!

posted on: October 09, 2006

Suivez les instructions suivantes...

1. Go to Madame's Quia Home Page. Play battleship. Practice numbers if you need to (0-20 will be on your quiz).

2. Go to our Textbook Online Exercises and complete the two "Comment dit-on" exercises under the 1st Step (Premiere Etape).

3. Go to our Textbook Log In Page. Log In using your new User Name and Password. Review all of the grammar and complete the activities for the 1st step (premiere etape). If we cannot get into the online version of our book, complete exercises 1 and 2 page 38 in your spiral notebook using a classroom copy of our textbook.

4. Continue to practice writing all of our vocabulary in French - use our Greetings Flashcards.

Quiz THURSDAY for all three classes.

posted on: September 26, 2006

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