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February 16, 2007
6th grade math

I hope everyone is ready for a nice long weekend! We began learning how to solve on-step equations this week. The problems were simple (only addition and subtraction) but the process may be tedious. Although you think you can solve these equations in your head, it is important to follow all the steps correctly, for when they become longer and more difficult you will be able to stay organized and solve those too. *Remember..right now it's not so much the answer but the process that is important! Next week we should begin equations with multiplication and division. Following that we will be using decimals and fractions all over again. This should be a good review. Th basic process for solving one-step equations is as follows: (Remember "Undo" the operation means to do the opposite of what is being done to the variable)
Remember to show ALL WORK!
Homework for the weekend: (We don't want you to forget what we just learned) is Worksheet #2 "Solving 1-step equations (ADDITION/SUBTRACTION)#'s 1-10 ON NOTEBOOK PAPER *SHOW ALL WORK!

Ex. 1 -
Step 1 - Write the problem c - 26 = 45 WORK

Step 2 - Look at the side with the variable:
"UNDO" the operation! (here we are +26 = +26 45
dividing so instead we MULTIPLY. +26
Step 3 - Get the variable by itself. make it
= to the solution. **Keep the variable c = 71
on the same side it started on. BOX
your solution!

**Re-write the ORIGINAL problem (C-26=45) 71 - 26 = 45 71
BUT this time substitute the 'solution' -26
for the variable. 45

Step 5 - Make sure that your answer equals the one
in the original problem 45 = 45 (yeah!)

Step 6 - GRAPH THE SOLUTION - THE SOLUTION!!!!! (71) not 45

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